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Created 08-10-2016
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Title Buy Elevator you can purchase
Description Once you know the reason, the type of vehicle you intend to use with the wheelchair lift should be considered. If you've determined you don't have the vehicle capable of using a lift for your intended purpose, then you will have to purchase a vehicle that can be modified for a wheelchair Passenger Elevator If you have to purchase a vehicle then you can choose any lift you want and can afford that will best meet your needs.

Size of Wheelchair

Not all lifts are made to handle all wheelchairs. Most arm lifts are not capable of lifting heavy wheelchairs or scooters. Therefore a platform lift will be required for very heavy mobility devices. Platform lifts that store wheelchairs inside generally take up more room, often requiring the loss of at least one seat.

Location Wheelchair will be Stored

If you've determined you only want to store a wheelchair you can purchase an external or internal wheelchair lift. Storing one internally will take up space in your vehicle, but will keep it out of the elements, allowing for travel during any weather. These lifts can be installed at the rear of the vehicle or on the side.


Unfortunately, your budget will have an impact on the type of wheelchair Buy Elevator you can purchase. The prices range widely so there are available lifts for any budget. Before shopping for lifts, a budget should probably be established.