I reach out to you from the keys and screen on my table, I try so hard to tap into the love and friendship inside the confines of your imaginary soul through the connections of wires and Cable Wire

Though your heart and soul is far away, seas, rivers, mountains, valley, forest, desert, language and culture all put between us a stupendous and eternal gap but the web cuts through all of these barriers to link our hearts like we were just some breathe away from each other.

My body yearns in vain to touch and feel the humanness you possess, my eyes wonder for what seem like forever to behold you in total fullness and sometimes I ask if reality was somewhere near. As all this frustration lingers, my spirit and soul surreptitiously sneak into your world through a sweet, sublime and beautiful imagination. This imagination transcends all cables, wires and web connection; it carries the super power to invade the scared order of every human limitations and contemplation.

In anonymity you exist but in reality we persist, we try with every opportunity that comes our way to keep the touch and spark alive. Sometimes our minds play tricks on us; it succeeds in getting us lost in a cloud of illusions and dreams. Like a child we smile at the sight of a mirage. Thanks to the W.W.W, glory is to the small deity called the internet. With no hesitation it made the path of souls and hearts that would have wallowed in an air of oblivion and obscurity to cross like they were made for each other ever since.

Though we live in a world that celebrates mortality in its totality, but the power of the internet breathes in us a subtle and stable immortality, an immortality adorned with some pinch of divinity. I bless the day, this sweet discover was made.

Man has suddenly become supernatural at the touch of every keys, like a Copper Enameled Wire emotions and expressions are high up in the sky where no eyes can reach. The internet has bridge the gap history, culture, religion, ideology, race, and environment put between us all.



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