The ancient Shu totem unique style also indirectly affect the development of the follow-up organ surgery, and finally in the 'Feng Zhiwu', Runescape and 'Xuanyuanjian 4', Runescape and 'Cang Tao', Runescape and 'cloud away,' and other works to flourish! Active debut hares helmet armor division can remove the armor division martial armor body shape of male hormone masters not only the 'Xuanyuanjian 6' linked with the previous generation of organ technique, in the story and the player then has also hares of the complex relationship - when as enemies, armor division will hinder the use of a great variety of armor offensive players forward; when became teammates, armor division is not only reliable fighting force, and even combined with 'Xuanyuanjian 6 'The new engine of the physical effects section, special scene break to help players reach specific locations. Runescape 3 and 'Name' given Regulus, bronze armor NPC named by the players named 'armor bronze' NPC Meng pet amber was this time? Times because you are different. Combining official to give 'bronze armor,' the description, give full play to your personal imagination, according to the following activities form the main post replies original quote 'bronze armor,' the name with floor. Have the opportunity to participate in the 'Xuanyuanjian 6' 'bronze armor' in an NPC named by the judge DOMO team implanted into the old school runescape, players have the opportunity to participate in activities surrounding Super Meng amber in kind! Finished up Xuanyuanjian cloud away chronicle debut authorities had surgery armor bronze civilization research, reproduction history glorious moment of development, Runescape and 'Xuanyuanjian' series DOMO group, has always been a history of strict textual criticism and praise. Runescape 3 and 'Xuanyuanjian' since its inception more than 23 years of history, many works, huge pedigree, after generations of accumulated heritage, Runescape and 'Xuanyuanjian' new work not only to uphold the spirit of innovation dynasties, but also with sophisticated fusion of ancient drama. Runescape 3 and 'Xuanyuanjian 6' carefully polished DOMO old and new members, will become a 'Xuanyuanjian' spirit of complete evolutionary works. Numerous similar 'bronze armor' to wonderful ideas are open we will continue to accept players expect and testing. Relationship with black magic fire Cai Yao Xian become mystery meet, bronze armor have been repeatedly mentioned in ancient Shu exactly who the enemy is? What is the motivation for the ancient Shu people created the 'armor Skill' and 'black fire' these two war machine? With 'Xuanyuanjian 6' of new engine and innovative old school runescapeplay, once shine 'Black Fire' will be on again, re-set production of 'Black Fire' still has the strength of terror, become untied Xuanyuanjian many unsolved The key to the mystery. Legendary sword, duel, the essence of ancient heritage, are 'Xuanyuanjian 6' saga has just begun. Runescape 3 and 'Xuanyuanjian land' (the 'Xuanyuanjian 6'), led by the father of Xuanyuanjian of Caiming Hong, Daewoo Information's DOMO studio produced a single Chinese-made role-playing computer Runescape 2007. This as 'Xuanyuanjian' series tenth of a work, with a new old school runescape engine development, the story background positioning Shang and Zhou dynasties, style full return ink style. Runescape 3 and 'Xuanyuanjian 6' by the domestic first-line old school runescape makers tour agents, and in mainland China, Taiwan, two simultaneous release is scheduled for 2013 and the majority of players meet.



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