KUWAIT: Kuwait’s weather is currently affected by a general state of instability over the Arabian Peninsula and predicted scattered rainfall from tomorrow, Meteorologist Essa Ramadan said. Ramadan also expected unstable weather to prevail until Thursday, noting that rain would mainly fall on the northern borders and Abdaly farms amidst high temperature and humidity till the weekend.

Fake degrees
Minister of Education Bader Al-Essa said a special committee formed by the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET) to examine ‘fake degrees’ was about to conclude its work. Essa expected that a large number of public employees held such fake degrees but hoped his predictions would be proven wrong. On a different concern, Essa strongly denied referring some of his undersecretaries to compulsory retirement and stressed that those reports were nothing but rumors.

Laborers’ cities
A subdivision in the cabinet urged Kuwait Municipality to speed up the process of establishing cities to house expatriate labor forces in order to help eliminate the housing of laborers in private housing areas. The Ministry of Municipality Affairs has been assigned to coordinate with the Partnership Technical Bureau in order to take necessary measures as soon as possible to build the laborers’ cities, Fawaz Al-Fadhel, Assistant Secretary General at the Cabinet’s preparations and follow-up secretariat, said in a letter sent recently to minister Essa Al-Kandari.

By A Saleh

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