KUWAIT: Ministry of Commerce and Industry Undersecretary Khaled Al-Shemali stressed that the ministry is combating unjustified price hikes, considering it as a crime committed against all consumers. Shemali explained that well-studied prices set according to international pricing and costing methods are acceptable and are being closely followed up by special committees.
Afia cards
MoH’s official spokesperson Dr Ahmed Al-Shatti announced delivering 9,100 ‘Afia’ cards to retirees covered by the new health insurance system till Thursday night. Shatti added that the Afia care center received over 4,075 calls from citizens, which indicates positive interactions from citizens inquiring about the system. Shatti added that distribution of the cards would resume Monday, and strongly denied selling any of these cards, warning that doing so would be illegal.

Smuggling attempt
Cairo airport customs foiled an attempt to smuggle rare stuffed animals to Kuwait.

Foodstuff monitoring

Municipality Director Ahmed Al-Manfouhi strongly denied the presence of any foul food items including pork and stressed that all foodstuff imported in Kuwait is meticulously examined to make sure it is hygienic and safe. Mubarak Al-Kabeer municipality inspected stores and restaurants at Qurain markets and co-ops, which resulted in confiscating and destroying 72 kg of chocolate, pastries, biscuits and sweets, in addition to filing 55 citations.

By A Saleh