No citizen or expat will be allowed to travel or their transactions processed unless their security files are clean and all fines related to traffic, immigration, immigration detectives, nationality, passports and sentences implementations are paid even if it was only KD 5. Intensive and secret meetings will be held between heads of the service departments with officials from the IT department at the Interior Ministry to discuss and coordinate an advanced mechanism to make citizens and expats pay their fines, otherwise there will be strict measures including travel ban even if the fine is only KD 5! This measure is expected to be in effect next month, and was discussed after it was found that citizens and expats who face fines are careless about paying them and prefer to spend their money on travelling and do not think about paying the fines. This is expected to keep thousands from travelling until they pay their fines. An office is opened at Kuwait airport for travelers who face such cases especially that computers will block the names of citizens and expats who must pay fines of any kind and will be allowed to leave until they pay them. A source said this measure will make people respect the law and settle the fines and also to collect the neglected state money for years due to violators negligence.
Meanwhile Deputy Premier, Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid Al-Sabah thanked his Philippines counterpart Albert Rozario for the efforts of the Philippines government to secure the release of Kuwaiti citizen Ahmad Al-Kandari who was kidnapped in Manila.
Kuwait’s Ambassador to the Philippines Waleed Al-Kandari refused to say whether a ransom was paid for the release and only confirmed his release and that he is being questioned by Philippines security.


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