KUWAIT: The Cabinet eyes unemployment, housing shortage and deteriorating medical services as the top three priorities which also include improving Kuwaitis’ standard of living by focusing on increasing the family income, a local daily reported yesterday quoting a Cabinet source. Speaking to Al-Jarida on the condition of anonymity, the source said that Prime Minister HH Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah instructed the Supreme Council of Planning to focus on “making sure that Kuwaiti families live in luxury, and enjoy improved living standards”. The list of priorities which the source said “have been finished” will be presented to the parliament when the latter resumes sessions on October 29. The source added that the list is set to be approved during the Cabinet’s weekly meeting tomorrow, before it is discussed with the relevant parliamentary committee.

In addition to the topics mentioned above, the source revealed that the Cabinet’s list includes “vast economic reforms” that include draft laws for financial disclosure, privatization, competition protection, consumer protection, value added tax and increase in public service fees. They also include draft laws to protect children from violence and abuse, mental health and social security. The source also indicated that the government eyes topics that deal with future planning such as electronic transactions law, a law to establish a public authority for telecommunications and a law to reduce procedures while improve transparency at the Central Tenders Committee. The list does not include bank loans or the stateless residents’ issue, the source added. Parliament Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim is expected meanwhile to meet MPs on Tuesday in order to discuss the results of the national poll announced last Monday which listed housing, health and education as the top three topics that the public seeks to be given priority to in parliamentary discussions. MP Ali Al-Omair called for setting up a ‘work team’ to list the priorities in order of importance, provide analytical studies, and select topics that match the Cabinet’s list