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Kuwait MOI issued the photos of arrested terrorists cell in Kuwait. It is being said that they were planning to do three major terror activities within few days in Kuwait. According to MOI they are part of ISIS.

Ahamdulillah, Kuwait has aborted a major terrorist attack and captured suspects.

Kuwait’s interior ministry foiled three attacks on the country planned by the Islamic State group after launching raids that resulted in the arrest of militants, Kuwait’s state news agency, KUNA, said.

“The interior ministry said on Sunday it foiled three terrorist plots targeting the country’s security by directing three pre-emptive raids inside and outside Kuwait against terrorist elements of the so-called Daesh,” said a statement on KUNA, referring to Islamic State’s acronym in Arabic.


The statement did not provide details of the identities of the militants or the countries in which they had been arrested. A year ago, an Islamic State group suicide bomber killed 27 people when he blew himself up inside a Shi’ite Muslim mosque in Kuwait City, the first attack of its kind in the oil-exporting state.

KUWAIT: Six teams of firefighters managed to put out a fire that broke out yesterday at a warehouse of a post office at a cargo terminal of Kuwait International Airport, Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) said. The fire did not lead to any injury, but some little financial losses, Deputy Director General of KFSD for Fighting Sector Major General Jamal Al-Bulaihees said. The body tasked with the incidents of fire is working on collecting required data to uncover the reasons behind the fire, he said.

He noted that a number of fire stations took part in extinguishing the blaze. He expressed his deep gratitude for the efforts of firefighters which is aimed at saving the lives and properties. Director General of KFSD Lieutenant General Yousef Abdullah Al-Ansari, who was in a direct contact with Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Sheikh Mohammad Al-Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah, rushed to the site of the fire to get acquainted with the incident. Earlier, Acting Director of KFSD Major General Khalid Al-Mekrad said that the fire did not affect the flights at the airport. – KUNA

KUWAIT: With the objective to meet the expanding needs of its customers, Al Muzaini Exchange Co, Kuwait's leading Exchange and Remittance Company, recently announced the launch of its 67th branch, located in  Farwaniya 4  ,68th Benaid el qar ,69th Sama el aqailah 70 th Mahboula 2 & 71 Mahboula 3. The branches were  officially inaugurated by Al Muzaini’s Deputy General Manager, Mr. Ali Al Fajhan followed by a series of activities.

Al Muzaini Exchange has increased its footprint across the country by being critically placed at convenient locations such as one stop shop Co-op’s and in other commercial areas to support its customer’s efficient and quick transfers. In addition to the newly inaugurated branch in Farwaniya , and in effort to provide further convenience on all levels, Al Muzaini also guarantees a mobile van express that is equipped to undertake transactions in areas where there is little or no accessibility.

Al Muzaini Exchange Company, a pioneer and leader in the foreign exchange business in Kuwait for over 70 years now with network branches that spans currently through 71 branches located across Kuwait. To ensure customer satisfaction, arrival and departure sections of the Kuwait International airport and the Sheikh Saad airport guarantee 24 hours 7 days a week full service.


Al Muzaini Exchange Company provides customers a broad range of services that includes issuing checks and collection of checks drawn on foreign banks and the sale and purchase of foreign currencies and remittances (to all parts of the world), DHL related services while also benefitting from Western Union’s varied services that are on offer.


For further information on any of Al Muzaini Exchange Company’s services customers are urged to visit their nearest branch, call the company’s call center on 1888818, or log on to the company’s website www.muzaini.com.   

KUWAIT: The Ministry of Interior’s (MoI) Assistant Undersecretary for Citizenship and Residency Affairs Major General Mazen Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah left yesterday for London with a security and diplomatic delegation to represent Kuwait at the Kuwaiti-British Friendship Council meetings. Speaking to reporters before his departure, Jarrah explained that various security topics would be discussed during the visit, including security coordination at airports, flights and e-passport security, in addition to resuming cooperation on bedoons (stateless) issues.

Jarrah added it had been agreed with British officials to take back bedoons who are unwelcome in the UK provided they are registered with Kuwait’s central apparatus for illegal residents and hold article 17 Kuwaiti passports. “Those will be the only ones we will receive,” he underlined. – Al-Rai


KUWAIT: High-ranking legal sources said that the government is currently studying the legality of increasing the fees it collects for public services and using public facilities from both citizens and expats, including a bill defining the facilities and services to be included in the suggested increases.

“We are currently working on verifying the legality of a government’s bill including a table with all services and facilities it believes it is high time to increase the fees collected for them,” explained the sources, noting that these fees had been frozen for years.

The sources also expressed hopes that the parliament would understand the significance of finding a legal solution to create a balance between the cost of such services and the fees collected, considering this a major step towards achieving economic reform. – Al-Anbaa

KUWAIT:  The Ministry of Health (MoH) announced the working hours of polyclinics and hospital outpatient departments during the month of Ramadan.

According to the announced timings, some clinics will open in three shifts while others will only work two – 9:00 am to 1:30 pm and 7:30 pm to midnight, while some would work round the clock.

The ministry added that some clinics will also operate nonstop from 7:00 am to midnight. The ministry explained that hospital OPDs would work from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm and 9:00 pm to midnight.

Hospitals’ accounting departments will work non-stop from 9:00 am to midnight.

Taste and imagination combined can create wonderful works of art. This holds true in the case of Faisal Al-Ali, founder of the eponymous company Faisal Al-Ali Furniture. Ali’s shop is the epitome of creativity, innovation and hard work. Ali’s background is in mechanical and petroleum engineering, but looking around his shop, one wouldn’t be mistaken to assume Ali has always been an artist. “This mall is new – I started to display my items here only in December 2015,” Ali told Kuwait Times one afternoon at his shop at Creative Design Mall in Shuwaikh.

“I am not an artist, but in a way, I was born an artist because everything related to art is something I treasure and love to see and adore,” he said. “I started dabbling in art since I was eight. My father would help me make a toy car from a plastic bottle, and recycle old toys and make them better and more appealing. I got this attitude from my father,” he said. Ali’s father was a science teacher, and would always come to Faisal’s rescue when he got in trouble. He taught him how to survive, and still shares many ideas with him. “He never stopped and never got tired of sharing wonderful ideas with me, something that I will treasure for the rest of my life,” he said.

Take up your pen To be a calligrapher in Kuwait was a very challenging task, since there isn’t much interest in the society about it. “I will never forget the day in 1992 when he told me to get up and learn my first lesson in calligraphy. He said, ‘Get up, take the pen, imitate the work of others and train your hands. Your hand is a gift from God, but admit you are not perfect’,” Ali said, quoting Otaibi. Two years later, he began working at a stationery shop in Kuwait City, perfecting his calligraphy skills. “I was offered a job at a stationery shop. I accepted it to make some money. I was only 16. Then I got busy again with my studies. My father told me that I could continue with calligraphy while studying, but I felt very exhausted because I was at the university and my major was quite tough, so I stopped. Later at the university, I volunteered to teach calligraphy, so while studying mechanical and petroleum engineering, I was also busy conducting training courses in calligraphy. The university paid me for this,” he recalled.

Why interior design? When he completed his university degree, he was immediately hired by an oil company. He then got married, so there was a hiatus again, but in 2005, he moved to a new house. “I pictured my new house to be very beautiful and attractive, so I designed the interiors. I have lots of ideas in interior design because I believe my mind is really into designing. Engineering is somewhat related to design – it’s all about taste and imagination; you can do many things,” Ali said.

When relatives visited his home, they saw works of art and not any ordinary interior design. “They liked it to the extent that I had to redecorate their places too. I told them I didn’t have much experience, but they said you have the eyes and taste that no one else has. They even suggested making use of my interior design craft and earning money, but I told them if I did so, I would have to do much documentation, contracts and lots of paperwork, which I hate,” Faisal said. But he couldn’t say no to relatives, and found himself designing his uncle’s home. “I got grade A feedback again, and people would call me and ask to design their houses. I was finally encouraged to go out and start designing jobs outside the circle of my family and relatives. I didn’t need to advertise, since people were talking about my work,” he revealed. Faisal was making money, but he was forced to stop his part-time job because he moved to another job with greater responsibilities. “I got a much bigger offer but with more responsibilities as well, so from 2008 to 2010, I concentrated on the new job. But at the end of 2010, I went back to the ministry again,” he said, and planned to advance his interior design business and create his own brand. “In 2010, I thought of concentrating on furniture design. I found Kuwait had no company dedicated to furniture design, so I explored and went to several countries in the GCC. In 2011, I established my own brand of furniture called ‘Faisal Al-Ali’, using my name. This is my first store which I opened in December,” he said. Faisal’s shop at CDM is spacious, and the sofas, tables and chairs bear his own brand’s signature. The calligraphy and colorful images are noticeable in all the products displayed. “The furniture business is really booming – Kuwaitis and expats are now aware of my brand. All the furniture I am selling here is my own work. I have got many orders and I plan to go global,” he concluded.

By Ben Garcia

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