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KUWAIT: The Ministry of Interior Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs, Maj Gen Abadul Fattah Al-Ali said that the traffic department is completely ready to face the expected traffic congestions during the upcoming holy month of Ramadan. Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of launching a new vehicle, Al-Ali said that the department has special plans to face the expected heavy traffic at any time including Ramadan.

He added that traffic problems have to be analytically addressed and that a five-partite committee comprising of elements from Kuwait University, Ministry of Public Works, Kuwait Municipality, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research and the Traffic Department was working on studying traffic problems. “Our roads have to be developed and we must seek other alternative solutions such as building new cities on the outskirts, changing working hours timetable and building new markets.

KUWAIT: The Cabinet has granted expatriates permission to own property in Kuwait, including apartments, houses and lands, during its weekly meeting Monday. Foreigners are still required to meet several conditions in order to register property under their ownership, including a clean criminal record and a history of good behavior, source of income certificates as well as a minimum salary cap that was not specified in an Anbaa newspaper report yesterday.

The Interior Ministry’s approval is also required to purchase properties, the report reads. It does not explain however whether the decision has gone into effect immediately or still requires the parliament’s approval. “The decision would boost activity in the economic, investment and real estate fields in the country,” the report reads. No other details are mentioned.

It is believed that the decision targets foreign investors by attracting them to build projects in Kuwait and bypass the Kuwaiti partnership condition that was seen as a main obstacle in the past years.

KUWAIT: A delegation from the Ministry of Health will travel soon to India and the Philippines to recruit nurses in a bid to fill the nursing staff vacancies in hospitals and medical centers, reports Al-Anba daily quoting sources.

Sources revealed about 200 nurses will be interviewed, but the recruitment delegation will choose only the applicants who will meet the requirements and conditions; such as experience in the field. Sources said this step was taken after the ministry noticed the shortage of nurses in a number of health institutions, in addition to the opening of new hospitals and medical centers.

Meanwhile, in response to a request by MP Khalil Al-Saleh to issue strict instructions to concerned personnel to be firm with expatriates particularly those working in the food sector to prevent the spread of hepatitis, Minister of Health Dr Ali Al-Obeidi was reportedly quoted as saying the percentage of people affected by the disease is ‘normal’ and that there is no need for the people to panic, reports Al-Rai daily.

However, Al-Obeidi stressed on the fact that the Ministry of Health has been carrying out medical checks on expatriates when they enter the country particularly from countries where this disease is prevent. He also thanked MP Al-Saleh and other parliamentarians for raising the issue because it concerns the entire society.

Meanwhile, Al-Saleh has said the disease is spreading and must be controlled in its early stage by intensifying preventive measures. In the meantime, the Kuwait Investment Authority is studying the issue of funding the establishment and operation of the Medical Insurance Company, reports Annahar daily quoting sources.

The same sources said this step will help accelerate the implementation of the project especially that funding this project will not disturb the KIA plans. Meanwhile, it has been reported the capital paid for the project is KD 230 million, and is expected to raise it to KD 300 million. It has been disclosed 50 percent of the shares will be allocated for the citizens through the Initial Public Offering.

KUWAIT: Head of the Capital Enforcement Department at the Court of First Instance Judge Alaa Al-Saddi said a total of 65,409 travel bans were issued in 2013, reports Al-Rai daily.

Giving a breakdown he said, the Capital Governorate issued 6,015 travel bans, Hawalli, 12,281; Ahmadi, 9,441; Jahra, 3,468; Mubarak Al- Kabir, 18,015 and Farwaniya 16,189. Al-Saddi speaking on the summons said a total of 61,111 summons were issued during the same period - 5,918 in the Capital Governorate, 9,019 in the Jahr a Governorate, 3,053 in the Mubarak Al-Kabir and 15,843 in the Farwaniya Governorate.

KUWAIT: The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Committee of Undersecretaries of Planning and Development Ministries and institutions convened its 30th meeting here, Sunday, in preparation of the 24th meeting of the ministerial committee. Addressing the officials, Secretary General of Kuwait’s Higher Planning and Development Council Dr Adel Al- Wuqayan said the region is facing accelerating and swift changes in all fields, including higher education, healthcare, and other areas of human development.

This, he stressed, requires greater attention and more concerted effort that also matches the high rate of increase in population in the GCC and that states increase their peoples’ confidence in their own abilities so that they contribute more to regional and international development. The Gulf states constitute a power not to be ignored in today’s energy market, he said, but cautioned “the technological advances and repeated calls for a switch to clean energy from renewable resources stands to put a damper on this weight, inevitably.” This means it is more vital than ever to seek diversification of sources of national income away from oil and related sectors, “and that is an added responsibility for the planning and development bodies to address.” Global political change and upheavals continue to shadow the Gulf economies, he argued, and makes it harder to do risk analysis or draft long-term plans. The way out is to focus on research and draw different scenarios and due reactions in an objective manner to ultimately take sound and well-thought decisions.

As for agenda, the officials address issues including follow up on implementation of comprehensive long-term development strategy (2010-2025), upcoming workshops on improving GCC performance in development and planning, follow up on resolutions of the 23rd GCC Planning and Development Ministerial Committee meeting, and review of memos of the Secretariat on several dossiers and recommendations of specialized committees. An item also high on the agenda is review of member states’ progress in the field of bolstering technical and scientific capabilities, specifically related to setting up comprehensive databases and developing best access and usage of the information, as well as automated linkage.

'Family Visas Before Lifting Total Ban’

KUWAIT: The Ministry of Interior will in part lift the visa ban on Pakistani citizens, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added the ministry will start issuing family and commercial visas to Pakistanis before opening the door for all types of visas.

With this decision the ban on five other nationalities stays in place - Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

However, the sources added the decision to lift the ban on these nationalities will depend on technical and security studies and in accordance with the ‘quota’ for the population.

KUWAIT: Kuwait will start issuing work visas for Pakistani nationals very soon after a three years break, Pakistani’s ambassador in Kuwait Mohammad Hassan said recently. Ambassador Hassan added that the decision follows after they “resolved simple issues with the interior Ministry to allow recruitment of Pakistani workers”. The ambassador did not give a specific date when the ban will be lifted.

Ambassador Hassan spoke to Al-Rai daily the sidelines of a recent event hosted by pakistani community. “The decision will help recruit skilled laborers from Pakistan including doctors and engineers, “he said. “Barbers and tailors are only one percent of the Pakistani people.” Foreign labor recruitment in the private sector is currently suspended, but the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor is planning to reopen it on May 1st.

The Pakistani Population in Kuwait is estimated between 120,000 to 130,000. The step comes weeks after Kuwait announce that it would allow foreigners to obtain visas through Kuwait’s embassies around the world.

An earlier report had suggested that Kuwaiti embassies in Pakistan and five other nations whose citizens are banned from obtaining visas in the Gulf state are not included in the recent measure. But the ambassador’s remarks seem to provide answers to questions raised inside and outside Kuwait on whether citizens of Pakistan could take advantage of the new measures.


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