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KUWAIT: Altaf Al-Askar, Head of Licenses and Commercial Service at Capital branch of the Ministry of Commerce said she uncovered over 1,000 forged licenses during auditing and most of them had been issued in 2012 and 2013, adding employees in the ministry renewed many of these licenses, reports Annahar daily. Al-Askar considered the act as direct violation of law and public funds and noted the nature of her work requires signing on all transactions conducted by employees and that’s why she uncovered a large number of forged transactions during auditing.

Meanwhile, Al-Askar is surprised over a verbal decision to shift her to another area and without paying attention to legal procedures adopted on the issue, although her colleagues testify she is honest and reliable to shoulder her current responsibility. She called for the Deputy Premier, Minister of Commerce Abdulmohsen Al-Mudej to intervene and decide the case. She noted some officials in the ministry tried to hide the issue of forged licenses by dealing with the matter like a trivial issue and disregarding the interests of work and career honesty. She wondered why the ministry refused to investigate the issue, and declined to disclose circumstances of the case.

In the same context, Assistant Undersecretary of Companies Affairs and Commercial Licenses at Ministry of Commerce Dawoud Al-Sabij issued a statement refuting that more than 100,000 commercial licenses have been forged, reports Al-Seyassah daily. He added the ministry earlier referred a number of company licenses for investigation, as part of the legal procedures. He declared the sector is ready to receive all types of complaints related to the case, in order to deal with the slipup in line with law.

He denied statement issued by the Assistant Undersecretary for Labor Affairs Jamal Al-Dousari which said the Ministry of Commerce had referred over 1,000 forged commercial licenses to the Public Prosecution. “I hope the media will provide the ministry with relevant information or documents related to the issue”, he reiterated. In a recent statement, Al-Dousari said the Ministry of Commerce had notified Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor about the files of over 1,000 forged licenses referred to the Public Prosecution, and that 40,000 visas and residences were issued through these forged licenses.

KUWAIT: Kuwaiti citizens have been rated as average in terms of commitment, participation, efficiency and professionalism to ensure positive results at work in comparison with the citizens of other GCC countries, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

The British-based Ion Hewitt Company, an online company specialized in human resources management, risk management and insurance, revealed this in a recent report after carrying out an opinion poll in which 18,500 respondents from 100 companies participated in UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Qatar topped the list with 51 percent performance rate, followed by the UAE with 41.6 percent, while Saudi Arabia recorded the lowest rating with 40.6 percent.

In general, GCC countries are rated the lowest in the world with 49.5 percent while USA obtained 63 percent and the countries of the Asian Pacific region 58 percent. The company expressed concern about the decrease in performance rate of the GCC region by 4.5 percent from the 54 percent it attained in the 2010 study. It indicated that development is a huge challenge for entrepreneurs in their bid to maintain workers in their various companies, adding that the youths are the lowest performers even though they form the largest percentage of employees.

KUWAIT: Hala February Festival Coordinator Waleed Jassem said the event will be launched on Jan 31 along Salem Al- Mubarak Street, indicating there will be more activities this year. He explained the festival is aimed at improving the economy of the country.

Talking about the activities line up for the festival, Jassem revealed the carnival shows will start at 2:00 pm and end by sunset each day. He said the festival will continue until Feb 24. Meanwhile, Colonel Khalil Al-Amir affirmed that Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) will fully prepare for the festival to ensure the entire directorate is ready for any emergency; while Lieutenant Colonel Saleh affirmed there will be full coordination among all departments in the Ministry of Interior to guarantee public safety during the festivities.


KUWAIT: Health Ministry Assistant Undersecretary for Technical Affairs Dr Jamal Al-Harby said the “Flying Ambulance” will be in use within six months. Al-Harby said the defence ministry designated a helipad area for choppers used by health ministry near Saad Al-Abdallah airport in Sabhan area, until the permanent helipad is completed in Al-Sabah specialized area. He said that the choppers will be flown by Kuwaitis, who are in training now, adding that retired pilots will be asked to work in the air ambulance soon.

Al-Harby said that 130 highly safe new ambulances will be introduced soon to the fleet. He said ambulances in Kuwait reach the accident area within the eight minute international rate. He said that 20% of outpatient clinics at Jaber hospital will become operational during August, and the technical department sector asked the engineering department to equip those clinics as required. He said the technical sector asked the heads of departments to provide it with the required manpower (doctors, nurses and technicians) to operate the hospital’s departments.

KUWAIT: The Criminal Court sentenced ‘Kuwaiti’ political activist Abdullah Fairoz to five years imprisonment in a State Security case, reports Al-Seyassah daily. The daily added, the accused was found guilty of insulting HH the Amir through the social networking website Twitter. The daily also said Fairoz is not a Kuwaiti and that he did not get the nationality through naturalization but he claimed to belong to the wellknown Kuwaiti family until the authorities discovered he had forged the documents to get to claim the citizenship. The daily went on to say the State Security filed a case against Fairoz, the Public Prosecution had remanded him to 10 days police custody and he was detained at the Central Prison. The daily says Fairoz is Egyptian and that he will be deported after serving the sentence.

Job-seekers cheated: Scores of young Egyptian job-seekers were reportedly cheated by an unidentified influential personality by issuing them temporary tourist visas valid for three months only, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting the head of the Foreign Workers Office at the Kuwait Trade Union Federation AbdulRahman Al-Ghanim. The officials told the daily, the workers arrived into the country on visit visas after paying a lot of money and to their surprise they discovered the visas were cancelled immediately after they entered Kuwait making them illegal as per the local law in force. The official has called on the concerned authorities particularly the Ministry of Interior to allow these Egyptians to return to their country without being fingerprinted which would prevent them from entering the country again. Al-Ghanim has also requested the concerned authorities not to penalize these men in any manner saying they are victims of visa traders

KUWAIT: Minister of Health Dr Ali Al-Obaid disclosed that World Health Organization (WHO) will open its office in Kuwait soon, reports Al-Jarida daily. In a statement, Al-Obaid said he is eager to see the UN office in the country open, adding the office will be located in Sulaibikhat area at the ministries complex. He disclosed that WHO will appoint an agent or representative to run the office, while the technical crew will be provided by his ministry.

He explained the crew will be taken through training courses here in Kuwait and the headquarters of W.H.O in Geneva, as well as the Middle East regional headquarters in Egypt, indicating the crew will receive series of training to gain more experience in health planning. Dr Al-Obaid pointed out that the office will present the recommendations and decisions of WHO related to health policies, and “I discussed the issue with the regional director of WHO Dr Alaa Al-Deen Alwaan during his visit to Kuwait to attend the 76th summit of the health ministers of GCC countries”.

He also stressed the ministry is keen on fighting chronic non-contagious diseases, and working hard to enhance its observation on the risk factors to chronic diseases-not only in terms of prevention. He added non-contagious diseases such as heart problems, diabetes, and chronic lungs problems are also included in the risk factors watchsmoking, unhealthy eating habits, and lack of physical activities


KUWAIT : The Council of Ministers almost certainly will push back the Prophet’s (PBUH) Birthday holiday from Monday Jan 13 to Thursday Jan 16, reports Al-Jareeda daily.

Sources affirmed that Civil Service Commission will address the concerned authorities on the need to approve sick leaves with stringency prior to the Prophet’s (PBUH) birthday holiday to be able to check absenteeism among employees after the just-ended New Year celebration.

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