Pakistan Employment Forum Kuwait (PEFK), Medical Assistance Division, organized Oral Health Care Seminar on 17th February, 2016 Wednesday for Young Students in Pakistan English School Mangaf with coordination of Mr. Ihsan Ullah, The Principal of Pakistan English School Mangaf. PEFK Medical Assistance Division prepared and conducted the event led by Dr. Huda Shams, Dr. Yasir Jameel. PEFK Medical Assistance Division is dealing with career assistance, guidance and counseling in Medical field for Job seekers and Students in Kuwait.


Mr. Ihsan Ullah, The Principal, Mr. Muhammad Rizwan Abid, vice Principal of Pakistan English School Mangaf, Mr. Muhammad Irfan Adil, Founder President of PEFK, along with school staff  including Qari Sohaib Anjum & Ms. Nighat graced the event.


Seminar was started by Recitation of Holy Quran by Abdul Wahab whereas the event  was conducted nicely by Khadija Abbas. She introduced PEFK & Medical Assistance Division to Young Student. PEFK Founder President, Muhammad Irfan Adil welcomed all and Invited Dr. Huda Shams, Dr. Yasir Jameel for the presentation. Dr. Huda Shams & Dr. Yasir Jameel Delivered Comprehensive & informative Presentation on Oral Health Topic, which showed different ways to tackle Dental issues. Young Students Participated with full enthusiasm and showed their high interest towards presentation and asked several questions in Q/A session & Students were shown different Techniques of brushing through Presentation & demonstration.


At the end, PEFK President, Muhammad Irfan Adil thanked the Audience, Students & Principal of school for giving opportunity to conduct seminar. He briefly explained about Pakistan Employment Forum Kuwait and stated that PEFK is a premier & first ever Pakistani Forum of its kind in State of Kuwait which is purely designated to provide assistance for job seekers and career counseling for students residing in Kuwait especially among Pakistanis. PEFK is a non-Political & non-Governmental organization. It is a social welfare group established with a vision to provide career guidance to jobseekers & students, mainly Pakistani citizens residing in Kuwait, and help those in need of assistance in their career development, with no limitations of religion, nationality, race or ethnicity. We are here to serve humanity and the career of all humans is precious to us. We aim to provide the Best Career Development Counseling and Job Hunting guidance to our community in Kuwait.