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Pakistan Employment Forum Kuwait (PEFK), Medical Assistance Division, organized Oral Health Care Seminar on 17th February, 2016 Wednesday for Young Students in Pakistan English School Mangaf with coordination of Mr. Ihsan Ullah, The Principal of Pakistan English School Mangaf. PEFK Medical Assistance Division prepared and conducted the event led by Dr. Huda Shams, Dr. Yasir Jameel. PEFK Medical Assistance Division is dealing with career assistance, guidance and counseling in Medical field for Job seekers and Students in Kuwait.


Mr. Ihsan Ullah, The Principal, Mr. Muhammad Rizwan Abid, vice Principal of Pakistan English School Mangaf, Mr. Muhammad Irfan Adil, Founder President of PEFK, along with school staff  including Qari Sohaib Anjum & Ms. Nighat graced the event.


Seminar was started by Recitation of Holy Quran by Abdul Wahab whereas the event  was conducted nicely by Khadija Abbas. She introduced PEFK & Medical Assistance Division to Young Student. PEFK Founder President, Muhammad Irfan Adil welcomed all and Invited Dr. Huda Shams, Dr. Yasir Jameel for the presentation. Dr. Huda Shams & Dr. Yasir Jameel Delivered Comprehensive & informative Presentation on Oral Health Topic, which showed different ways to tackle Dental issues. Young Students Participated with full enthusiasm and showed their high interest towards presentation and asked several questions in Q/A session & Students were shown different Techniques of brushing through Presentation & demonstration.


At the end, PEFK President, Muhammad Irfan Adil thanked the Audience, Students & Principal of school for giving opportunity to conduct seminar. He briefly explained about Pakistan Employment Forum Kuwait and stated that PEFK is a premier & first ever Pakistani Forum of its kind in State of Kuwait which is purely designated to provide assistance for job seekers and career counseling for students residing in Kuwait especially among Pakistanis. PEFK is a non-Political & non-Governmental organization. It is a social welfare group established with a vision to provide career guidance to jobseekers & students, mainly Pakistani citizens residing in Kuwait, and help those in need of assistance in their career development, with no limitations of religion, nationality, race or ethnicity. We are here to serve humanity and the career of all humans is precious to us. We aim to provide the Best Career Development Counseling and Job Hunting guidance to our community in Kuwait.

KUWAIT: Pakistani Blood Donors in Kuwait (PBDIK), a non-political social welfare group held their 8th blood donation drive in Kuwait on Friday, February 12th 2016 in collaboration with Central Blood Bank of Kuwait, Jabriya and support from the various segments of Pakistani, Kuwaiti and other communities. The event was organized with an aim to extend support to central blood bank in meeting their needs for supply of blood in Kuwait. The event also aimed to express solidarity and gratitude towards the country while strengthening brotherly ties between both nations and extending credentials as a socially responsible community in Kuwait.

Pakistani community in Kuwait firmly believes that the blood donation is a noble cause and the event held today is a mere token of appreciation from them towards the Kuwaiti society and an opportunity to extend their sincere support while playing a productive role for the social and economic development between both nations.

In a short span of mere 4 to 5 hours, the event witnessed an overwhelming attendance of over 350 people among which many registered themselves as blood donors. The event was attended by people of several communities including Kuwaitis, Egyptians, Philippines, Syrians, Jordanians, Bangladeshi and Indians while majority were of Pakistani heritage who have been living and working in Kuwait with their families for over a well number of years and have always considered this country as their second home. Participation of people from multiple communities showed their vow and support in PBDIK’s slogan “Humanity beyond Nationality”

Several leading businessmen of Pakistani community not only attended the event but also extended their support by donating blood. While Central Blood Bank gave in their best support to PBDIK in making the event a success, Mr. Tareq Al-Gharbally from their public relations department was outstanding with his continued support right from start of the camp.

The participation also represented a strong and humanitarian message that exemplified a sincere contribution to provide support to needy individuals of the community, especially those in need of rare types of blood.

The community had exceeded the expected turnout and has responded with enthusiasm to the donation drive and expressed their willingness to take part in donating blood. The Pakistani Blood Donors in Kuwait group aspires to inspire other people among the community to donate blood and thus increasing the awareness in the Kuwait society on lives that can be saved with blood donation.


Pakistani Blood Donors in Kuwait (PBDIK), a non-political social welfare group held their 8th blood donation drive in...

Posted by Pakistanis in Kuwait on Friday, February 12, 2016


10 Days Pakistani products festival is going on from 7-Feb-2016 to 17-Feb-2016 at Al Zara Cooperative Society.

The festival organized by embassy of pakistan sponsored by Pakistan business center.


10 Days Pakistani products festival is going on from 7-Feb-2016 to 17-Feb-2016 at Al Zara Cooperative Society. The...

Posted by Pakistanis in Kuwait on Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sham-e-Ghazal with Fariha Pervez Organized by Embassy of Pakistan, Kuwait in collaboration with National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters (NCCAL) and Bait Al Othman Museum on 10-Jan-2016.

Large number of Diplomats & Dignitaries attended the event on the special invitation from embassy.

Fariha Pervez is one of the leading female singer of Pakistan. She started her career with anchoring and acting, appearing in several drama serials including the famous Kid's drama "Ainak Wala Jin" subsequently she swithced to singing with the release of her first album titled "Nice and Naughty" in 1996.

She has since released seven albums and received several awards as best female singer. She has appeared in many TV music programmes and sung several songs for the popular "Virsa (heritage)" serial of traditional music hosted by famous cultural icon, Main Yousuf Salahuddin.

Fareeha inherited her singing talent from her father. She is among the most versatile singers in the country who has the ability to perform in folk, Classical, semi-classical, ghazal, bhangra, as well as modern pop style music.


Sham-e-Ghazal with Fariha Pervez Organized by Embassy of Pakistan, Kuwait in collaboration with National Council for...

Posted by Pakistanis in Kuwait on Sunday, January 10, 2016



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