This time last year was when I first started my journey with social media. I was never into any social media network before having my Instagram, I think I registered for an email when I enrolled in university to start emailing assignments and researches.

I wasn’t the most “social” person, I can say. I started off my Instagram for the reason that I loved taking selfies, pictures of make-up products I used and many more things that I liked to share. It was never planned, and I definitely had no idea whatsoever that social media existed in Kuwait, and not only did it exist, it had become an industry. At the time I was going to different make up workshops, to learn more about techniques, tricks and tips to help me more with my make-up and how to apply make-up on other people. I loved it. Before make up, I used to paint. Not a lot of people know this about me, and I would never come off as an “artist”, my mum till this day tells me off for not going forward with it.

However, I loved understanding women’s features and how to play around with the lighting and all, a lot like make up! Going to university and seeing all the girls dolled up somehow inspired me to start putting on make up. I really started loving it when girls started complimenting my eyeliner, and asking what products I used.

As time passed by, I started loving Instagram more and more, and it was when I reached 11k followers on Instagram that I was approached by Ghaliah Technology, which happens to be one of the main social media agencies in Kuwait. Keep in mind I had no idea what I was called in for, I was expecting a job offer, well it sort of was.

More opportunities I signed with Ghaliah Technology an exclusive contract, which meant that they would get me, deals for me to promote certain brands, stores and restaurants. At the time it sounded awesome, and it was something new to me so I thought, why not? It’s all about the experience! Four months went by, I went from 11k to 100k and things changed a lot. What I mean by changed, is that I was getting more known, I had different offers coming in and I then had a goal, or more of an image, that I wanted for myself, and so that’s when I decided to leave Ghaliah Technology, and not be exclusive with them, just for the fact that I’d like to do more things on my own.

Leaving Ghaliah Tech was a very difficult decision for me to take. I thought to myself I have a full-time job (at the time I was working at a university, in which I wanted to teach) and “TheRealFouz” was doing good so why stop there when there was so much potential and more opportunities? Leaving was hard as I thought that I would fail after leaving the agency. Turns out, I was more confident and accurate with whatever decision I took, because I worked so hard trying to brand myself and have a certain image that I really wanted to keep, which was trying to show how girls in The Middle East are beautiful, simple, and stylish.

Bullying and negativity
We’ve been told many times how we overdo it, which is true sometimes, but there is a whole other “category” of girls who are just fabulous from head-to-toe! Advertising and promoting isn’t what social media is all about, however, anyone with a large number of followers wouldn’t mind promoting something that they like or see themselves doing, but I definitely am against promoting negativity, bullying and any negativity through any network and anywhere not only on social media. Many people ask me how I deal with negativity, the only way you can deal with it is when you just don’t deal with it. Ever since, it has been a one-man army. I accept and reject bookings, reply to emails and running around by myself. I love what I do so it doesn’t feel like work. Social media is a part of my life, not my entire life. Maybe that’s why I’m still sane, well I hope I still am. I have a job; will be owning a personal business and social media is the icing on top.

Till next week beauts! xo


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