KUWAIT: A Jahra family called police after growing tired of trying to find the source of strange noises they were hearing every night for almost a week, before discovering that the noises were coming from their teenage son’s room who was smuggling his girlfriend in. Security officers arrived to the house located in Naseem district of Jahra on Saturday after the family reported that they have been hearing mysterious noises every night.

They said that they had begun to believe in “evil spirits” which could have invaded their house, according to the police report. The officers tracked the source of the noise until they reached a room on the roof which the family members said was abandoned. Much to their shock, the family found their 15-year-old son inside the room with a girl after police opened the door. Preliminary investigations revealed that the girl is 17 years old and reported missing by her family.

The boy admitted that he offered his girlfriend a “place to stay” after she escaped from her family’s house nearly a week ago. The couple was taken to the area’s police station for further questioning as the girl’s family was called to receive her.