KUWAIT CITY, Feb 19: A number of Kuwaitis and expatriates expressed resentment over the widespread manipulation of commodity prices in many stores. They urged for increased monitoring of markets by the concerned authorities in order to bring an end to this negative phenomenon.

Omar Zedan explained that some stores cheat by displaying low prices on the racks but charge higher prices at the cash counters. They take advantage of the tiredness that customers experience from shopping for a long time, which renders them unable to review the receipts.

Adel Amir revealed that he has recently adopted the practice of checking the prices at the cash counter, as he has been a victim of several swindling acts. He urged the monitoring bodies to focus their observation on such stores.

Umm Yousef said the phenomenon of cheating customers has become widespread extending even to the cooperative societies. For example, inside cartons of fruits and vegetables, the good fruits or vegetables are placed on top while the rotten ones are hidden underneath.

A Kuwaiti citizen Abu Abdullah indicated that manipulation of prices is done in many ways. He revealed that he once bought an item for KD 2 but when he discovered the actual price was KD 1.700, he complained to the administration and the latter apologized. Another citizen Saleh Al-Enezi revealed that he picked a bottle of oil with price marked on the racks as KD 0.990 but when he went to the cash counter, he was shocked to realize the actual price was KD 1.300.

When he complained to the cashier, the latter said the cost of KD 0.990 is of another product. Zaki Saleem said some stores place the price tags on the racks in a deceiving manner such that they overlap with the price tags of other commodities.

By Najeh Bilal Al-Seyassah Staff

Source: Arab Times