I got a driving license in Jan 2014 with Engineer designation. In 2015 I joined another company, unfortunately my new company changed my designation to supervisor.

My license expired in January 2017. After I tried to renew it at the Muroor they told me I could not renew it. Now my company has changed my title to Engineer. I took my first license from Farwaniya muroor.

Through our mandoub I checked in Asma Muroor but there is no license in the system. Could you please advise if I can renew my driving license, my present salary is KD 400. Kindly advise me.

Name withheld

Answer: Under current rules, the change of designation decision that can lead to the loss of driving license, affects driver, housewife, student and mandoub.

We do not know exactly why the renewal of your license was rejected but we suspect it might have been rejected possibly because of the change in your designation from engineer to supervisor.

Even though, supervisor is not among the affected designations, the office who rejected your license renewal request could have based his decision on the fact that the initial license was issued to you through a waiver for engineers because you did not meet the salary condition of KD 600 to be granted a driving license.

To the officer’s mind probably, with the change in designation, you lose your right to a waiver and hence rejection of your renewal request. Since your company has reverted to your previous designation as engineer, you could submit a fresh application for the renewal of your license.

Source: Arab Times

Link: http://www.arabtimesonline.com/news/renewal-driving-license-rejected/



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