The Public Authority for Housing Care has accelerated the pace of finding effective solutions to end the crisis of waiting queues for citizens. 
In a new direction to the institution to end the accumulation of 6,000 housing applications since 2000 and before, an official source for Al-Qabas revealed the Foundation's efforts to obtain a set of land available in the area of Jleeb Al-Shuyukh and consists of 5 pieces except for the investment part.

The cost of the valuation,

The source said that the Council of Ministers identified almost several months theamount of one billion dinars before spent on valuing the elders Gleb area and benefit from the projects they intend to state implemented for the development of trade and economy system in the area adjacent to the Kuwait International Airport and the exploitation of part of residential care. 

He pointed out that the «residential» also called for a part of the pieces available in the region, which is estimated to provide to applicants, rather than continuing the crisis in the refusal to allocate in the projects to be put in the coming period.
He pointed out that the Council of Ministers carried out extensive studies on the Al-Jaleb area under the supervision of the General Services Committee and other committees in cooperation with the Kuwait Municipality, Housing and Works, and in previous meetings it was found that there is no possibility of reforming the old age in this region. A terrible population crisis with the accumulation of single numbers, many of them violating the law of residency along with a number of infringements.


Obstacles to the valuation
and pointed out that the government agencies overseeing the studies developed regulatory action plan for the land to be valued, and work to re - planning to ensure the achievement of government in which the goals, but the decision on them is still locked into drawers without reasons to remember. 
He pointed out that the amount allocated to the area is sufficient to value all its parts associated with private housing. He added that the proposed land included in the valuation is close to Shadadia University and the Sixth Ring. It is divided into 5 residential units, pointing out the importance of speeding up the appreciation process in order to end the crisis of singles To other more organized areas.

Gradual evacuation
and he pointed out a number of proposals on the valuation process that includes start - residential machining near the university and the Abdullah Al - Mubarak and the end of the interview for the Seville region, thus providing sufficient parts for distributions next year for residential care applications awarded with the Ministry of Works to conduct the required updates for infrastructure in the fastest As possible and gradually, with the construction of housing cities for singles under the supervision of specialized companies under the "investment" in partnership with the government, which generates financial returns


Khaled Al - Hattab


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