KUWAIT: Criminal investigators arrested five suspects responsible for several ATM thefts reported recently in Kuwait after they managed to get away with KD 48,000, which they spent on drugs. Investigations led Jahra detectives to identify a stateless resident with a criminal record as the main suspect. Officers with an arrest warrant went to a farm in Al-Mutla desert where the suspect was hiding and arrested him. During questioning, the suspect admitted that he was responsible for the thefts and revealed information about his other accomplices. All four were arrested and it was discovered that two of them were recently pardoned from prison. Further questioning revealed that the suspects used a Chevrolet Silverado they stole from Sabah Al- Nasser to steal an ATM in Shuwaikh which contained KD 24,000 in cash, and later carried out a similar crime in Ardiya where they dragged an ATM containing KD 24,000 in cash as well. The suspects took the machines to Al-Mutla where they broke them open and extracted the money. They further said that they spent most of the money to buy drugs and host late night parties and were referred to the proper authorities to face charges.


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