KUWAIT: MP Dr Abdullah Al-Turaiji has said that Kuwaiti families residing in Block 12 in Salmiya are facing serious problem and family heads are concerned about the children and their personal life, as neighboring houses are full of bachelors. Al-Turaiji disclosed the majority of property owners in the area are members of the ruling family and traders who are only interested in making profits, indicating the landlords are greedy and rent out overcrowded apartments to many bachelors, which amounts to serious violation of building regulations. He noted the violation leads to waste of water and increase in the electricity load and exposing the area to fire, while the security of families residing in the vicinity is in peril.

He showed readiness to have direct discussion of the issue with the concerned ministers as a lawmaker “but being an ordinary citizen who’s sympathetic to the plight of compatriots, I decided to appeal to the Interior Minister, Electricity and Water Minister and their counterpart in the Municipality Affairs to solve this problem”. He urged the ministers to direct the concerned authorities to issue citations against violations at Block 12 of Salmiya and restructure the area to suit the purpose of its creation as family residential area for security and stability.

Meanwhile, MP Al-Turaiji has recommended a department to be launched at every governorate in Kuwait to take care of people with special needs. He wanted the departments to deal with transactions and procedures involving the category and their caregivers, and specified the renewal of their files, and medical reports from the Health Ministry and its affiliated authorities, as well as monthly support paid to them, traffic, immigration, citizenship and passport. Al-Turaiji said Articles 7 and 8 of the constitution are meant to strengthen the principle of justice, equity and equal opportunity among Kuwaitis. He stressed that approving salary increment for some employees while ignoring many others violates the principle of equality.

He also said financial grant is part of the goals and objectives for creating Kuwait Fund for Economic Development to assist developing nations, and considering the need to prioritize the welfare of citizens to overcome burdens, he recommended a clause to be added to create the Kuwait Development Fund to provide assistance in form of local grant to a segment of the Kuwaiti society. He recommended the establishment of fund under Social Insurance Authority to grant annual financial package from Kuwait Development Fund, saying the fund should specify the retirement of citizens according to prepared lists, which should be appropriate for anticipated cost.


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