KUWAIT: A teenager was arrested on Thursday, one day after he stole an ambulance outside the Farwaniya Hospital. Investigations revealed that he took a habit of stealing vehicles after seeing the Grand Theft Auto video game series. The first lead found during investigations was a damaged car parked at the hospital’s parking lot, and they discovered after investigation that the vehicle is reported stolen. After checking CCTV tapes and patients’ records, the detectives identified a 16-year-old boy who received treatment on the same day the ambulance was stolen, and he lives in Ardiya where the ambulance was later found.

Police contacted the teenager’s father who confirmed that his son was injured, and agreed to bring  him to the police station for questioning. Investigations revealed that the Kuwaiti youngster has a past record of car thefts and that he mostly used the stolen vehicles for reckless driving. The teenager admitted that he drove the damaged vehicle to the Farwaniya hospital after he suffered an injury during an accident he encountered while driving the car after stealing it. After being discharged from the hospital, the teenager spotted the ambulance that was left with the engine running. Instead of taking the car he stole earlier back home, the youngster jumped into the ambulance and drove to Ardiya where he parked it at a place not far from his house and walked home.

Moreover, the teenager admitted that he stole another car later that day to get to his friends, and on his way back he forced a taxi driver out of a cab and stole it too. Police found a number of counterfeit car keys with the teenager; who admitted of using them in stealing cars. Further investigations revealed that the youth was previously arrested on car theft charges, but he was released on a bail in every incident. He was referred to the proper authorities this time to face 13 counts of automobile theft.