KUWAIT: A man was charged for physically assaulting a police officer who issued him a ticket for blocking traffic. The incident took place on Sunday in Salmiya after the policeman parked his motorcycle behind the man’s car to write him a ticket. The man, who was supposedly talking to a female driver nearby, got out of his car and confronted the officer after realizing that he was about to get ticketed. An altercation ensued and escalated to a point when the driver beat up the officer and then escaped on foot before back-up police rushed to the scene. The man’s car was impounded and he was later summoned to the Salmiya police station for questioning. During investigations, the man provided a different story by claiming that the officer harassed his female relative which prompted him to respond violently. The man filed a countersuit and offered to drop the charges if the officer did the same. The officer refused him and the two cases were referred for further investigation.