KUWAIT: Illegal residents occupying jobs provided by the state in the public sector have increased by 1,145 up to the end of August, said an official here yesterday. The exact numbers and state institutions employing the community were quoted by Assistant Undersecretary for Technical and Information Affairs at the Central Apparatus for Illegal Residents’ Affairs Waleed Al-Asfour in a statement. “Around 643 illegal residents have been employed in the healthcare sector followed by 315 in the Ministry of Education, 53 in the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic affairs, 25 in the Ministry of Labor and 20 in the Ministry of Electricity and Water,” he said.

Al-Asfour said that the recent numbers are added to the previous number by the thousands already working in the military and defense sectors. He said that the employment of illegal residents was going smoothly since the apparatus launched its employment program back in March 26, 2012 in cooperation with the state Civil Service Commission (CSC).

In regards to the employment requirements, the official said that illegal residents must be part of the 1965 census in addition to posessing a diploma or any other higher education certificates. Individuals with nursing education as well as children of Kuwaiti mothers and army personnel who took part in military operations for Kuwait are excluded from the requirements, said Al- Asfour.

The apparatus is also currently holding discussions with the federation of cooperation societies and the private sector to open up job opportunities for illegal residents who were part of 1965 census and have a high-school degree, he concluded. —KUNA