KUWAIT: Kuwait Municipality has intensified its inspection of food shops, supermarkets and stores aimed at punishing violators in various areas in Kuwaiti Governorates, ahead of incoming holy month of Ramadan. Emergency teams and regulatory bodies of the municipality of Mubarak Al- Kabeer continue to follow-up on itinerary of the food until they reach the consumer, in addition to checking all health requirements, Director of the Municipality Mubarak Al-Kabeer branch Sherida Al-Mutairi said yesterday.

Al-Mutairi added that the inspection campaigns carried out yesterday on supermarkets and cooperative societies were aimed at taking random samples from a number of food products. One of the food products, after being tested at the laboratory and found unsuitable for human consumption, was taken out of the shelves. The tours resulted in closing an unlicensed food store and demolishing 100 kilograms of cheese, olives and thyme, he said.

Moreover, citations were issued against a store that was opened ahead of obtaining approval of the municipality and for unhealthy food packaging. For his part, the head of the emergency team in the municipality of the province, Abdullah Al- Amaie, said “health and safety of consumers would remain above all other consideration,” and affirmed that these missions would not be restricted to specific locations or timing.

He also stressed on commitment by all regulations and municipal laws in order to avoid legal accountability, pointing out that the teams would also look out for anyone trying to tamper with the health and safety of consumers through intensive inspection campaigns, which will include all food shops as well as vendors. The municipality called on consumers to check products’ expiry date before buying, and contact the municipal hot line (139) for any complaint.— KUNA