Ramadan is not only a time to fast and meditate. It is also the time for various fun activities which strengthen one’s body and mind. Since Ramadan falls in summer this year, there are many more activities you can avail of. Both adults and children alike can make their Ramadan very fulfilling through Ramadan camps. Two of these are organized by the British Academy of Sports (BAS) and the Philippine Catsclaw Martial Arts Association-Kuwait.

“Though it’s basically a full-month schedule, you can enroll according to your availability. We know parents take their kids outside Kuwait during the summer, so we are flexible and design programs to accommodate everyone. So you can attend and pay only for one week or even two sessions,” said Lucian Aurelian Anisia, BAS Academy Director.

BAS organizes sports activities ranging from swimming to karate to gymnastics in the morning. “In the afternoon, a selection of bowling and ice skating will be included and we have lots and lots of fun activities,” Anisia told Kuwait Times. Free T-shirts will be distributed for those registering for the whole month. They will also receive training kits and other stuff needed for the month-long training. “This is the first time we are holding such a Ramadan camp, so we are equally excited and very much dedicated to making this event successful,” he said.

After completing the course, participants will receive a certificate and CDs with their photographs. “Sports activities are very important to everyone. It enhances physical and life quality,” Anisia opined. BAS’ mission is to make sport and physical activity fun and accessible to an increasing number of children and to increase the quality and variety of sport options for children and young people in Kuwait.

BAS takes pride in its excellent facilities and professionally qualified instructors who are mostly Europeans. BAS offers regular sporting activities from football to basketball, volleyball swimming, gymnastics, karate, tennis, Thai boxing, Zumba, roller skating, aerobics and cricket. It also organizes international sport trips, kids camps and sports competitions. “You are all welcome to our academy,” Anisia said.

Meanwhile, the Philippine Catsclaw Martial Arts Association-Kuwait, a non-affiliated, non-profit and non-political association helps individuals build self-confidence, physical fitness and mental alertness through martial arts. Master Mario Adones, the head of the Catsclaw group, said that it was founded to educate individuals on the importance of martial arts, especially in life-threatening circumstances. “We did not form this group for anything else but to motivate discipline and self-control. The association does not differentiate between members over their dialects, regions or religions. We are here to promote unity, equality and camaraderie among members,” Adones said.

The Philippine Catsclaw Martial Arts Association holds their regular activities every Friday at Al-Nasser Sporting Club from 8 am-12 noon. The group teaches various forms of self-defense techniques including Filipino modern arts – Arnis (considered as the national martial arts of the Philippines), Mano-mano (hand to hand, which incorporates punches, elbows, knees, head butts, finger strikes, locks, blocks and boxing), Sikaran (all types of Filipino martial arts kicks) and Dumog (Filipino style of grappling, trapping and joint locking).

“Filipino martial arts teaches techniques in self defense even if the opponent or enemies are holding deadly weapons. We also teach our members how to turn ordinary household items into lethal weapons to defend themselves or others,” he added. Many other organizations are also holding Ramadan camps in Kuwait – from schools to religious centers to small groups of individuals and associations.

By Ben Garcia, Staff Writer


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