KUWAIT: A meeting was held at the Indian Embassy yesterday in the presence of India’s Ambassador to Kuwait Satish Mehta, Assistant Director General of the Immigration Department Brig Talal Maarafi, Assistant Director General for Immigration Detectives Col Najeeb Al-Shatti, Director of Public Relations and Moral Guidance, Acting Director of Information Security Col Adel Al-Hashash and some Indian expats. Items of the iqama law and how to avoid violating them were discussed. All questions asked by those present were answered.

The officials acknowledged the importance of the awareness role the information security department is playing through its awareness leaflets and media messages. Col Maarafi said a violator can correct his status and get a legal iqama in the country. He said the immigration general directorate supports every person who seeks to correct his iqama, adding that immigration officers have an open-door policy for anyone who has a complaint.

Col Al-Shatti said immigration detectives receive all complaints regarding iqama violations. He said when one changes his residence, he must change it on the civil ID too so that arrests on suspicion can be avoided. Col Hashash spoke about the efforts to educate expats and the measures taken to deliver awareness messages to all. He spoke about the continued cooperation with the immigration directorate to inform expats on any new developments immediately.

The Indian ambassador appealed to policemen to present their own IDs when they check the papers of expats. He also asked them to show the warrant when they raid any residential complex, to assure residents that they are actually police officers.