KUWAIT: Pakistan’s Ambassador to Kuwait Syed Abrar Hussain on (22-JUL-13) visited Kuwait’s House for National Works and went through different Parts of the museum. The museum staff briefed the visiting envoy on significant aspects of the facility and the history of Kuwait especially the war of liberation against the Iraqi invasion.


The Ambassador, during his visit, also met the President of the museum Youssef Al-Amiri and held discussion on issues of mutual interest. Amiri apprised the Ambassador about new projects related to the Museum especially the plans to move it to a new location. He emphasized upon the need for greater cooperation in matters related to cultural exchanges between the two countries.


The Ambassador thanked the president for arranging the visit. He said that Pakistan and Kuwait enjoyed long time brotherly relations. He said that the two countries always stood by each other in difficult times and in this regards referred to the section of the museum reserved for Pakistan which he said reflected the acknowledgement of the sacrifices of the Pakistani soldiers for their Kuwaiti brothers during the war of liberation. He also assured the president of Embassy’s continued support for museum’s future endeavors.