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KUWAIT CITY, May 28: Security around the country has been tightened to get rid of the ‘begging for alms’ phenomenon since more and more people take to begging especially during the holy month of Ramadan.

The Assistant Undersecretary for Citizenship and Passport Affairs Major- General Lieutenant Sheikh Mazen Al-Jarrah has given clear instructions to deport entire families along with children if either the mother or father is caught begging.

If expatriates under company residence are caught begging, the senior Interior Ministry official said strict action will be taken against the company including closure of the company labor file.

Those caught begging while on visit visa, the sponsor will be punished and in the case of a company, the company’s labor file will be closed.

The source pointed out women police will take part in combating the menace of begging during Ramadan and plainclothes police will be deployed in several areas which are known for this phenomenon, including the commercial areas, mosques and major markets. Al-Jarrah pointed out the Interior Ministry has called upon citizens and expatriates to report any such incidents of beggary.

The source added the security authorities are now more experienced in fighting the menace of begging and will be concentrating on industrial areas such as Shuwaikh and Sulaibiya.

Source: Arab Times http://www.arabtimesonline.com/news/families-deported-mother-father-caught-begging-security-tightened-get-rid-begging-alms-phenomenon/


KUWAIT CITY, May 21: Ministry of Electricity and Water Undersecretary Muhammad Bo Shehri explained the new water and electricity charges for commercial and investment sectors which take effect Monday are aimed at rationalizing consumption of water and electricity, not to collect more money.

Bo Shehri assured the price hike does not match the actual cost of producing electricity and water. He affirmed that rationalization is better for the ministry than any price increase.

He explained a trader who used to pay KD 1,500 will pay KD 2,500 so he will be forced to reduce consumption, confirming this will be in his favor and the State as well. He expects that consumption will not decline on the first day of implementing the new charges as it will take about three or four months for consumers to realize the difference – once the bills reflecting the new charges are issued.

He clarified private houses are excluded from the new charges according to the law issued in 2016. He pointed out the ministry is studying some actions including the awareness campaigns to encourage those residing in private houses to follow the rationalization policies.

Meanwhile, sources from the ministry affirmed that it has found a solution to the problem of not putting water and electricity meters to zero level prior to implementation of the new charges.

Sources explained the consumption recorded before Monday will be calculated based on old charges, while the consumption recorded from Monday onwards will be calculated based on the new charges. Sources said this will prevent errors in charging consumers.

While confirming the continuation of procedures to separate meters in investment and commercial sectors, sources said the charge per kilowatt for these sectors will be five fils and the relevant survey has yet to be completed. Sources added the ministry is ready to implement the new charges in the two sectors, affirming it inspected the new automated system a couple of weeks ago.

Meanwhile, eight non-specialized local companies secured contracts as agents of foreign companies in oil industry projects worth KD 827.1 million after obtaining approval from relevant authorities such as the Central Tenders Committee (CTC), reports Al-Shahed daily.

By Muhammad Ghanem Al-Seyassah Staff Arab Times

KUWAIT CITY, May 21: The Public Relations Department of Kuwait Municipality affirmed the continuation of inspection campaigns by Capital Municipality’s emergency teams in Shuwaikh and Al-Rai areas simultaneously with the media campaign “Your Health is Trust”, reports Al-Seyassah daily. The department said the campaign is aimed at achieving the expected objectives of confiscating and destroying expired food items before they are displayed for sale.

It explained that 21 food warehouses were raided resulting in the discovery of 1.679 tons of expired foodstuffs, which were confiscated and destroyed by the municipality teams.

These items included 1,559kg of expired baby milk powder, as well as 120kg of sweets, chocolates and macaroni from a warehouse in Al- Rai area.

Meanwhile, teams from Municipal Services Follow-Up Department of Mubarak Al Kabeer Municipality executed a field inspection campaign on eateries, shops and cooperative societies where they discovered about 60kg of expired foodstuffs, which were then confiscated and destroyed by the teams. They also issued 35 citations against violations such as violation of health regulations, storage of food items in unhealthy conditions and general hygiene violations.


Kuwait’s Leading Remittance House, UAE Exchange Kuwait, and World’s Fastest and dependable Money Transferor, Instant Cash has conducted their First Corporate Meet at INN & GO Kuwait Plaza Hotel.


Instant Cash CEO Mr. Philp C Daniel, Marketing Manager Mrs. Anjali Menon and Assistant Business Development Manager Mr. Binoy S Skariah were present at the event. UAE Exchange Kuwait was represented under the inimitable leadership of General Manager Mr. Supin James, AGM – Admin & HR Mr. Dhari Al Muhareb, AGM Operations Mr. Krishnakumar Eacharath and Head – Business Development Mr. George Varghese along with Department Heads and Branch Heads.


Instant Cash, the Global Remittance House has partnered with UAE Exchange Kuwait and has become the leading Instant Cash solution for its customers in Kuwait. The service has been welcomed by all Customers in Kuwait and is now a house hold name. Instant cash gives access to state of the art Electronic Money transfer system to the masses across the world.


On this occasion, Mr. Philip said, “where UAE Exchange Wins, There Instant Cash wins.” This reinforced the strong partnership of the two remittance market leaders.


UAE Exchange Kuwait with 31 years in the Remittance & Foreign exchange market in Kuwait is well-known for its excellent customer service and widest network amongst remittance brands. It is serving a large customer base with over 23 branches in Kuwait and strong correspondent relationship with global banks further marks the strength of UAE Exchange Kuwait. Customers can walk in to the nearest UAE Exchange Kuwait branches for all their financial requirements viz. Money Transfers, Currency Exchange and more, all under the same roof.


Winners of “Winter Dhamaka” were invited to attend the prize distribution and lunch thereafter. Mega Cash Prize of Kuwaiti dinar 1000 each were distributed to three winners. Other 120 prizes like LED TV, Air Fryer, Mobile, Tablet etc. were also distributed.

KUWAIT CITY, May 7: The silence of the investors in Amghara has been broken due to the issue of increased rents and lack of infrastructure stipulated by Public Authority for Industry, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

The investors explained that Amghara has been the source of their income for a long time. However, they have been issued with citations, which led them to file lawsuits. Their lands have been grabbed and the costs have been increased to up to 800 fils per square meter.

The lands are transferred among investors at a high cost whenever electricity is connected for the investors. They urged the concerned ministries to rescue them from this disastrous situation, affirming that the entire place is troubled by certain evil that must be stopped, and thus the concerned authorities should come to their rescue.

The investors expressed concern that the place has been lacking necessary infrastructure, sanitation and amenities for almost 26 years, stressing that the situation has become a source of environmental and electrical disasters, as well as serious pollution for the past several years. According to an investor Ali Al- Bloushi, the investors have been spending huge amounts of money to rent power generators since the government did not provide enough electricity. He also complained about lack of infrastructure to ensure equity among the tenants.

Al-Bloushi explained that some tenants pay 150 fils per square meter, while some others pay 250 fils for the same size. Some others pay 500 fils, many others 600 fils and the rest 700 fils for a square meter of land. He said, “We are prone to intimidation and are forced to pay the rent when the officials begin to transfer ownership from one investor to another for higher rent within three months. If it rains, even a drizzle, the sewage lines are blocked and we are forced to rent tankers to clear the place”.

Another investor Muhanna Al- Mutairi said the investors are fed up of promises, as there are still no services, electricity and water. He complained that the officials, instead of assisting Kuwaitis, wage war against them by causing them trouble through grabbing lands. Al-Mutairi corroborated others by saying the place lacks humanitarian services such as security posts, service centers and even mosques to pray. He stressed that the small structures that are available there were put up by individual efforts of the tenants, adding that they also contribute to renting diesel power generators since the government did not provide sufficient electricity.

KUWAIT CITY, May 7: The Directorate General of Residence Affairs (DGRA) has registered deportation orders against 19,730 expatriates of various nationalities during 2016, which roughly work out to 54 people a day for violating residence and labor laws.

According to statistics, a copy of which has been obtained by the daily, more than 1,000 expatriates were deported by direct order from the Assistant Undersecretary for Nationality and Passports Affairs, Major-General Mazen Al-Jarrah, including a large number of those who were arrested for selling alcohol and drugs, treason and fraud.

The number of those who were refused entry visas was 11,191 that mean the sponsors forbidden to issue visas under Article 20 or Article 18. As for the inspection rounds organized by the directorate on companies, the statistics indicated of the 880 companies 526 were administratively shut down either owned by first degree relatives of former ministers or former MPs.

The statistics also showed 46,609 absconding reports were filed during 2016, most of them men. This is in addition to 20,551 absconding reports filed against drivers. Meanwhile, According to statistics issued by the Public Prosecution for the first quarter of 2017 a total of 60 murder and assault cases were registered with the police.

According to the statistics nearly 20 crimes are committed every month and as a matter of fact this requires a serious study and a plan to discuss the causes behind the crimes, says sources. The statistics also showed murders were committed by young men for silly reasons.


KUWAIT CITY, May 7, (Agencies): Kuwait’s Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) announced on Sunday that the perished fish phenomenon in the Gulf waters has diminished.

A press release by PAAAFR said that sea surveillance conducted over the last three days showed that no perished fish was found, noting that the fact that decomposed fish was found floating over the water surface indicated that this phenomenon was on the wane.

The Authority hailed the citizens for their eagerness to keep marine environment safe, pointing out that the social media networks have contributed to controlling the phenomenon. PAAAFR had formed a panel to determine the exact cause of recent fish perishing in the Arabian Gulf water.

Minister of Commerce and Industry Khaled Al-Roudhan has issued a number of resolutions for temporarily banning all types of poultry meat (fresh, chilled, frozen and processed) and derivatives, as well as eggs except for those pasteurized at 70°C, from a number of countries including Togo, India, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cameroon, Belgium, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Lithuania, Iran, Croatia, South Korea, Portugal, Macedonia and Nepal as well as the US states of Tennessee and Alabama, reports Al-Anba daily.

The minister also banned import of all kinds of beef (fresh, chilled, frozen and processed) and their derivatives from Canada. On the other hand, Al-Roudhan issued decision to lift the ban on the import of all types of poultry meat (fresh, chilled, frozen and processed), their derivatives and products as well as eggs from Lebanon, Thailand, Denmark, Algeria and Taiwan after they were cleared of bird fl u. The ban on the import of beef and its products (fresh, chilled, frozen and processed) from the Republic of Hungary has also been lifted, provided a certifi cate from the country of origin is attached to state that the meat is free of “mad cow disease” along with other required certifi cates.

Meanwhile, Al-Qabas daily reported that Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on behalf of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA), has notified Kuwait Municipality that Saudi Arabia has issued a temporary ban on the import of poultry meat, table eggs and their products from the State of Kuwait due to the spread of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI).

However, poultry meat, table eggs and their products that have been heat treated or treated any other way that is able to eliminate the bird flu virus have been excluded from the Saudi ban, provided a health certificate is attached with the shipment of these products to Saudi Arabia.

This certificate must be issued by the competent official Kuwaiti authorities and must specify the type of treatment used. According to the letter sent to Kuwait Municipality, the ban will continue until the health status of the region’s livestock stabilizes.

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