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KUWAIT: An inspection campaign was recently launched in various Kuwaiti governorates to remove abandoned and scrap vehicles. 480 citations were filed.

Robbery suspect nabbed
A citizen with a criminal record was recently arrested for robbing a number of expats in Salmiya after threatening them with a knife, said security sources.

Abdali land Border Exit
MoI’s Relations and Security Media Director Brigadier Adel Ahmed Al-Hashash recently visited the hostel built at Abdali land Border Exit where he inspected the hospitality services provided there.
By Hanan Al-Saadoun (Kuwait Times)

If you can’t pay for the food, take it for free’

There’s a saying that there’s no such thing as free lunch. But at a restaurant in Salmiya, lunch is free and so too is dinner for those who can’t afford it. Wadi Rum, a small restaurant that opened four years ago near Marina Mall, offers charity in the way of meals for free for people in need. Customers entering the restaurant see a very unusual sign, which reads in Arabic: ‘If you can’t pay for the food, take it for free’.

“Since the restaurant opened on November 3, 2012, the owner Jalal Bader decided to offer this option as charity. We know there are poor people who are not able to afford a meal every day, so he decided to let them enjoy the food even if they are not able to pay for it,” Renald, manager of Wadi Rum, told Kuwait Times.

Around 10 people benefit from this daily. “There are regulars who come daily to take their meal, and some even come twice a day – for lunch and dinner. Others are first-timers, usually laborers or cleaners who work nearby. Some of them take meals with them for their needy friends who couldn’t come with them,” he explained.

It seems the offer of free food is hard to resist. Even those who clearly aren’t destitute take advantage of the charity. “Many a time, we have people asking for free food although they seem to be in a good financial situation, with expensive mobiles or watches. But the owner has told us to give them the food if they claim they can’t pay. Also, children and youngsters come daily, and some think it’s a joke, but we also give them free food,” explained Renald. The sign for free food elicits another type of response too. “Some customers who see the sign and the poor people taking the food offer to give us donations as a way to support us in what we do, but we don’t accept any charity,” he added.

Wadi Rum is open from noon until 2am. “We offer a limited selection of food. We have chicken and meat shawarma and mansaf, which is a Jordanian meal consisting of rice and lamb served with a special kind of yogurt. The majority of those who take the free meal choose mansaf, as many of them are Jordanian and Arab nationals,” Renald pointed out.

The restaurant’s shawarma cones are of a very large size, which is unique. “The huge size of our shawarma cone attracts people to come and take photos of it. We usually make two cones of chicken and one of meat daily. If anything remains at the end of the day, we distribute it to workers near Marina Mall,” he said.

There’s another saying that what goes around comes around, and Renald believes this good act brings success to the business. “I came to Kuwait nine years ago and worked in various restaurants, but this is the place where I have stayed the longest, as I’m satisfied here. This restaurant has been operating for more than four years now very successfully, while the previous restaurants kept going bust in short periods. I assume it’s from giving,” he concluded.

By Nawara Fattahova

KUWAIT: Zain, the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, organized a two-day Public Relations and Advertising workshop for students from Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST). The workshop, organized in collaboration with the GUST PR Club, was held at the university’s campus in West Mishref.

The workshop was organized in line with Zain’s strategy towards the support of the youth and education sectors. In addition, the workshop aimed at increasing the skills of PR and Marketing students through sharing Zain’s leading experience in public relations and marketing communications. Zain’s Corporate Communications & Relations and Marketing Communications teams presented the students with a detailed explanatory workshop about Zain’s leading experiences and strategies in the fields of Public Relations, Editorial and Media, Social Media, Advertising, and branding.

Zain hosts seminars and student field trips regularly in line with its active Corporate Social Responsibility strategy that caters to the youth and education sectors. Such initiatives focus on the development of school and university students’ skills through a series of workshops, development programs, and informative seminars. Zain coordinates similar activities all year-round with students of various age groups to further increase their knowledge of the telecom industry in Kuwait.

The company is committed to offering school and university students with similar opportunities on an annual basis. Such programs are targeted at students in collaboration with public and private educational institutions in Kuwait, reflecting Zain’s ongoing efforts in promoting the education and development of the country’s youth. As a leading national company, Zain firmly believes in the advancement of young people’s skills and capabilities, and looks to empower and prepare them for the important roles they will play in the further progress of the country.

KUWAIT: A total of 35,695 accidents took place during the first half of 2016, resulting in 305 deaths, a senior Interior Ministry official said yesterday. However, these statistics show shows a three percent decrease  in fatalities compared to 314 recorded during the first nine months of 2015, Relations And Security Media Director Brigadier Adel Al-Hashash said, attributing this drop to “awareness efforts and campaigns.”

Hashash made his statements at the sidelines of a special ceremony organized by the Nowair Al-Kuwait initiative under auspices of Sheikha Intisar Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah. Indicating that kindness is at the base of the civilized world’s values, Hashash stressed that the initiative aims at spreading awareness regarding the importance of civilized manners on roads such as giving way, as well as following and respecting traffic laws and safety regulations through using signals, leaving enough space ahead and dealing with other motorists with a smile.

Hashash added that all state departments are mainly concerned with finding suitable solutions to the violence phenomena among youth in various venues such as schools, within families or at various markets and shopping malls.  In addition, Hashash urged all motorists to respect speed limits, avoid driving through red traffic lights, leave enough space, fasten seat belts, have kids seated in backseats and abstain from using mobile phones while driving.

KUWAIT: A citizen killed his wife yesterday with a hammer during a fight in their house in Salwa. Hawally detectives arrested the suspect, identified as 45- year-old Sayed Ibrahim Khalil, after relatives called the police.

Security sources said detectives found two screwdrivers and a hammer the suspect used to kill his 36-year-old wife, also a Kuwaiti. The sources added the suspect is undergoing psychiatric treatment.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

Source: Kuwait Times

KUWAIT: The Ministry of Communications yesterday said Gulf Bridge International (GBI) would be carrying out maintenance to the underwater Internet cable in the Arabian Sea from Nov 2-6, which would affect Internet services in Kuwait and GCC countries.

The ministry, in a brief statement, urged local Internet providers in Kuwait to seek alternative international cables during the maintenance period to prevent slow service.

KUWAIT: The Constitutional Court yesterday set Dec 21 as the date to look into constitutional challenges to the DNA law. On June 13, the court received challenges to the law from citizens questioning the constitutionality of the bill.

On July 1, 2015, the National Assembly passed the 13-article law making DNA testing mandatory for all people in Kuwait, with the aim of establishing a comprehensive database to be used to identify criminals and terrorists.

People who refuse to take the test face a jail term of a maximum of one year and a fine of up to KD 10,000, or one of the two penalties. According to Article 11, the law applies to citizens, expats and anybody who enters the country.

source: Kuwait Times

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