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KUWAIT: About 100 laborers gathered in front of Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor recently, demanding for their salaries, which they have not received for more than four months, reports Al-Seyassah daily. One of the workers explained that 170 employees of a major contracting company have not received their salaries for more than four months and they have lodged a complaint against the matter. He said the ministry assured the employees that the company will settle the situation by next week. Reliable sources revealed that the file of the company will be suspended and referred to the concerned authorities if it fails to grant the laborers their rights.

Serviceman probed for taking part in rally : The Assistant Director of Capital Security Department Brigadier Hussein Al-Shirazi referred a sergeant in the Department of Relief Operations for investigation because he participated in a recent sit-in the fans of Arabian Club conducted in front of the Football Federation in Adailiyah, reports Al-Anba daily. A security source said legal measures have since been taken against the staff sergeant based on the instructions of the Interior Ministry, since the sector employees are not allowed to take part in any form of rally to maintain the neutrality of servicemen, irrespective of the reasons for conducting such activities.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health has completed the annual performance evaluation process for employees in different sectors, administrations and departments, reports Al-Anba daily quoting sources. Sources said the evaluation process took one month as it started on Jan 1 and ended on Jan 3. Sources revealed the Assessment and Evaluation Management Unit closed its doors after the end of the evaluation period as it did not accept any evaluation after Jan 31. Sources confirmed the unit is currently sorting out the evaluations and the results are expected to be out in March.

KUWAIT: Truffles’ season has begun with spring onset and the potato-like vegetable is seen on stands of makeshift local markets, however due to short supplies, the price is as high as KD 15 per kilogram. At start of the spring, truffles’ prices are generally too high, but they drop once imported supplies reach the domestic market from the Levant, Egypt, Iran and North Africa.

However, favored species of the plant are those from deserts of neighboring countries, namely Saudi Arabia and Iraq, for they reach the local market within a short period of time after unplugging from the ground and remain relatively fresh. The prices of truffles are forecast to drop this season for expected abundant local crop, resulting from abundant rain that watered the Kuwaiti desert.

Truffles grow across the Kuwaiti arid land after winter season, and it is commonly understood that strong sunlight after heavy rain is ideal for their healthy growth, provided their land of growth is left intact. Kuwait Municipality holds, annually. a temporary bazaar for trade in truffles, along with other seasonal plants, traditional food and products. The Kuwaiti dinar is currently traded at approximately $3.5. (KUNA)

KUWAIT: Kuwait Gulf Oil Company (KGOC) Spokesman Sheikh Ali Humoud Al-Sabah said the company had signed a contract to execute the largest three dimensional seismological surveillance in the country. Sheikh Ali told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) on Saturday the surveillance will be executed in the divided zone of Al-Wafra Joint Operations, adding that it will cover about 4,612 square km with a cost of USD 225 millions.

The contract was signed with WesternGeco company, which is a business segment of Schlumberger, a leading geophysical services company, said the Spokesman. The preparation phase for the project will start early March, including logistic operations, surveillance, and mine detecting, he noted. The actual surveillance operation is expected to take place by Q3 2014 to be completed in no more than 24 months, said Sheikh Ali, adding that the (KGOC) had fully prepared the documents needed for the project in cooperation with Saudi Arabian Chevron. The geological nature of Al-Wafra fields differs from any other area in Kuwait, therefor the Joint Operations administrations will use modern high quality technologies to drill oil wells, he stated.

Moreover, Sheikh Ali said that officials aim to preserve hydrocarbonic elements in Al-Wafra reservoirs and support new discoveries in the area. The surveillance which will be the fifth largest of its kind in the world will use modern sensing devices in the process, said the Spokesman, also noting that the operation will cover Al- Khafji, Al-Wafra Farms, Al-Khiran area, and muddy locations.

The Join Operations had been facing some challenges in the last few years due to production’s drop and reservoirs’ depletion, leading companies to search for developed technologies to reveal the actual extension of current reservoirs, while also discovering new reservoirs and oil fields, he explained. (KUNA)




KUWAIT: Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour has sent a letter to all companies of the private sector in which it requested for the names of the national personnel registered in those companies, their monthly salaries and their official work timings, reports Al-Seyassah daily quoting informed sources. They revealed that the circular is aimed to curb the phenomenon of fake employment that some companies take advantage of in order to benefit from the subsidy the government grants for employing Kuwaiti citizens in the private sector.

They further revealed that an intensive inspection campaign will be launched in the coming days to ensure the accuracy of the data submitted by the companies in this regard. They clarified that the Central Tenders Committee will not allow any company to compete for tenders if it fails to provide a certificate from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour to prove that 10 percent of its employees are Kuwaiti citizens.

Meanwhile, Minister of Social Affairs and Labour Hind Al- Sabeeh has asked the Assistant Undersecretary for Administrative and Financial Affairs Hussain Al-Duwaihees to provide her with a report from the Personnel Affairs Committee regarding how a large number of vacancies were filled. Informed sources indicated that the report will be referred to the Legal Affairs Department to study the legality of the method followed for filling those vacancies, adding that the minister also asked for the curricula vitae of the individuals who were appointed in supervisory jobs. She also instructed to refer the complaints that were submitted in this regard to the Civil Service Commission for investigations.

Furthermore, sources revealed that the ministry has started counting the number of employees in the centers of society development and housing care in all areas so that 250 employees can be transferred to labour departments in order to reduce the accumulation of personnel in such centers and solve the shortage problem faced in the labour departments. In addition, the Undersecretary of Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour Abdulmohsen Al-Mutairi declared that the government will form a joint committee to study new mechanisms for changing commercial visit visas to work permits in the private sector. He indicated that the committee will formulate new regulations in this regard within one month after its first meeting which will be held on Saturday.

KUWAIT: The Ambassador of Arab Republic of Egypt to Kuwait Abdulkareem Suleiman and the Egyptian consulate is working hand in hand to solve the misery of thousands of Egyptians who have entered the country on what the authorities call ‘suspicious visit visas’, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

In the meantime, Suleiman has announced the completion of procedures to deport about 600 Egyptians. He said the consulate has booked the tickets on behalf of more than 400 affected persons.

The ambassador said there are extensive contacts between the embassy and the ministers of Interior and Foreign Affairs of Kuwait and the latter have promised to provide all help to those affected Egyptians. He pointed out the consulate facilitates the Egyptians who want to complete departure procedures while at the same time keeping in touch with personnel from the General Department of Immigration and Passports to complete deportation procedures as soon as possible.

It has been reported Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior is deporting Egyptians who have entered the country on tourist visa said to have been issued by VIPs. It has also been reported on an average about 150 people are legally deported every day through the General Administration of Immigration Investigations, which is doing its best to complete the deportation procedures.

The Ministry of Interior said the number of suspicious visit visits which have been so far found are about 5,000 and investigations are ongoing to find the exact number

Boat carrying infiltrators seized
The Kuwaiti coastguard seized on Monday an Iranian boat carrying 12 Iranians and two Afghans that had entered the Gulf state’s territorial waters, the Interior Ministry and a security source said. Patrols spotted the boat after it entered Kuwaiti waters early in the morning, seized the vessel and detained all 14 on board, the ministry said in a statement. It said the 14 individuals would be held pending an investigation. The ministry did not reveal the identity of those arrested but a security source said they were 12 Iranians and two Afghans. Kuwait regularly intercepts boats from Iraq and Iran that stray into its waters with suspected smugglers or fishermen on board. (AFP)

KUWAIT: Kuwait should issue a law preventing the use of prohibited performance enhancing drugs and stimulants that are unsuitable for human consumption as this could harm athletes, said a sports official. The government and the National Assembly must cooperate to prevent the sale of such drugs to people without considering the physical and mental hazards they could cause consumers, said Secretary of Kuwait Swimming Association Hussein Al- Musallam on Monday. People tend to use these prohibited drugs to gain a higher level of fitness and muscle mass in a short period of time, he told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA).

This law will protect people against the dangers caused by these drugs including heart, liver, and brain related problems, kidney failure, and even death, he noted. The law must also include sports officials and gym instructors who encourage others to take stimulants, added Al-Musallam.

The statistics presented by the Kuwaiti Anti-Doping Committee show that large numbers of athletes in the country are using performance enhancing drugs, while some have gone further to use illegal drugs which are categorized as hallucinogens, said the official. Moreover, Al-Musallam called on local organizations and the media to launch an awareness campaign targeting the dangers of these drugs. In an unrelated development, the National Assembly’s Legislative and legal Affairs Committee passed on Sunday a bill stipulating allocation of a state land to housing purposes. In a press statement, Committee Rapporteur Abdulkareem Al-Kanderi said the members agreed to allocate a certain percentage of state-owned land but did not say how much.

He meanwhile said the committee members have accepted a Public Prosecutor’s request to lift the immunity of MP Safaa Al-Hashem, but turned down similar requests to left immunity of MPs Abdulhameed Dashti and Saadoun Hammad Al- Otaibi. Al-Kanderi pointed out that the committee has rejected draft laws to allow Kuwaiti women who are married to non-Kuwaitis to get housing loan similar to that given to Kuwaiti divorcees or widows. The committee adjourned discussion of bills on the establishment of a special authority for cities and Kuwaiti shareholding companies to execute the electricity and water desalination projects. (KUNA)

KUWAIT: The parliamentary Interior and Defense Committee meeting on Monday ended with the preliminary approval of the proposed naturalization of 4,000 Bedouns, says Committee Chairman MP Askar Al-Anizi. According to Al-Anizi, the panel has obtained approval from the Interior Ministry to endorse the proposal, which will be put up for a vote within two weeks.

On the other hand, MP Yaqoub Al-Saane submitted a proposal to amend Civil Service Law number 15/1972, prohibiting the recruitment of non-Kuwaitis in any governmental institution unless there is no Kuwaiti qualified for the vacant posts. Under such circumstances, the non-Kuwaitis will be employed with a temporary contract; while the number of non-Kuwaiti staff in the government should not exceed 20 percent of the total workforce. In his proposal, the lawmaker explained the unemployment issue poses a grave threat to the country; hence, the need to solve it immediately through the revision of old employment laws or issuance of new laws and systems to upgrade the local recruitment mechanism.

He then cited Article Eight of the Constitution as justification for his recommendation: “The State safeguards the pillars of society and ensures security, tranquility and equal opportunities for citizens.” He pointed out that solving the problem is the constitutional obligation of the government, so the authority must implement this proposal and encourage its institutions to quickly act on the matter. In another development, MP Saleh Ashour forwarded a number of queries to the state minister for municipality affairs on the removal of advertisement billboards along the streets after the issuance of a court order against the advertising companies proven to have violated the regulations.

He requested for a list of the erring companies, actions taken by Kuwait Municipality against these companies and a report on all the management procedures related to this case. He also wants to know if the removal of unlicensed advertising billboards requires a court order prior to implementation.

Furthermore, MP Khaleel Al-Saleh submitted a proposal on the development of the the coastline in Sulaibikhat and Al- Doha. He argued this coastline has the potential to become a great investment opportunity for companies around the world. He said the proposed improvement is essential in maintaining the good image of Kuwait. Al-Saleh added the Kuwait Bay stretches 70 kms, but only 30 kms of which is being used.

He asserted the government should not neglect the remaining part of the coastline as it offers promising investment opportunities. The MP also called on the public works minister to look into the current situation in Al-Nahtha, Sulaibiya and Al- Doha as these areas lack vital services and is in dire need of renovation.



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