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KUWAIT: Coastguards managed to apprehend 13 people on a boat that snuck its way into territorial waters during extensive campaigns carried out during the Eid Al-Fitr holidays. The boat was spotted 13 miles away from the Kubbar island approaching from southeast, after which a coastguard boat was sent to intercept it. The 13 suspects were arrested and referred to the proper authorities and charged with illegal entry.

KUWAIT: Investigations are ongoing to determine the source of a gunshot that left a man with a serious head injury in Jahra on Friday. A police source said that a stateless resident was coming out of his house in Taima when he was hit by a stray bullet. He was rushed in an ambulance to the Jahra Hospital in a critical condition. Police believe that the gunshot was likely fired by a person while celebrating Eid. A case was filed.

KUWAIT: A woman was arrested on several charges including attempted suicide and murder threats at the Bayan police station recently. According to a source, the woman had sent threatening messages to another woman who her ex-boyfriend had apparently left her for. After discovering that she was charged for threatening, the woman went to her foe’s house, stood outside with a knife in hand, called her and gave her the choice of either coming out or her barging in.

Police arrived within minutes in response to an emergency call, and they went in pursuit of the suspect who drove away at a high speed upon spotting patrol vehicles. After stopping at a roadblock, the woman pointed the knife at her chest and threatened to stab herself if approached. Firefighters were called and they managed to bring her under control after breaking the car’s window. She was taken to the psychiatric hospital after suffering a nervous breakdown during the incident.

KUWAIT: Fire department received a call at 2:50 am that a GMC car was on fire. The vehicle collided with a high voltage tower at Kabd area and some persons were trapped inside the car. Kabd firemen rushed to the scene headed by Captain Mohammad Al-Kandari and Lt. Ahmad Al-Rashidi.

As they arrived they found that the car was carrying a family, Kuwaitis and GCC nationals. Five of them were already dead and another 11 persons were severely injured. They were transported to the hospital by medical emergency team, while the bodies of the dead were handed over for criminal investigation. Investigation is going on to find reasons behind the accident.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun Kuwait Times

KUWAIT CITY: New civil IDs will be issued for expatriates with visa 20, the document issued for domestic helpers and maids, said the Director General of the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) Musaad Al-Asousi here Tuesday. The new civil IDs will replace those that have already expired, said Al-Asousi in a press statement, adding that there was no need to renew the cards if they were still valid.

Al-Asousi said that the new card will not include an electronic chip, indicating that to obtain the new civil ID, expatriates with visa 20 need to bring the same required documents in addition to a new photograph.

In regards to the working hours at PACI during Ramadan, the Director General said that work during daytime will be extended till 5:30 pm, noting that evening work hours will be from 9 pm till 12 am. Citizens and expatriates are advised to collect their civil IDs on time and as soon as possible to lessen load on the machines issuing the cards and facilitate procedures on PACI employees and clients, said Al-Asousi.

KUWAIT: Pakistan’s Ambassador to Kuwait Syed Abrar Hussain on (22-JUL-13) visited Kuwait’s House for National Works and went through different Parts of the museum. The museum staff briefed the visiting envoy on significant aspects of the facility and the history of Kuwait especially the war of liberation against the Iraqi invasion.


The Ambassador, during his visit, also met the President of the museum Youssef Al-Amiri and held discussion on issues of mutual interest. Amiri apprised the Ambassador about new projects related to the Museum especially the plans to move it to a new location. He emphasized upon the need for greater cooperation in matters related to cultural exchanges between the two countries.


The Ambassador thanked the president for arranging the visit. He said that Pakistan and Kuwait enjoyed long time brotherly relations. He said that the two countries always stood by each other in difficult times and in this regards referred to the section of the museum reserved for Pakistan which he said reflected the acknowledgement of the sacrifices of the Pakistani soldiers for their Kuwaiti brothers during the war of liberation. He also assured the president of Embassy’s continued support for museum’s future endeavors.

KUWAIT: Ambassador of Pakistan Syed Abrar Hussain Called on Major General Abdul Fattah Al Ali, Assistant under secretary for traffic affairs in the ministry of interior on 15 July 2013 to discuss issues related to traffic violations and problems faced by Pakistani nationals in the regards. General Ali assured the Ambassador that no innocent Pakistan would be arrested and the traffic violators were caught after 4 to 5 traffic violations. He informed that all traffic in Kuwait was closely monitored through cameras. He asked Pakistani community through Ambassador to observe traffic rules.

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