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KUWAIT: A large number of Pakistani community visited yesterday to see PNS-Tariq at Shuwikh port. This is 3rd time the PNS Tariq is visiting to Kuwait.

A goodwill visit to Kuwait with Captain Abdul Rahman and providing a good opportunity to Pakistan Navy officials to interact with their Kuwaiti counterparts.

The event specially organized by the embassy for Pakistani community and families.


According to Mr. Aziz Solehiria around 500 visitors were registered their names to visit PNS Tariq. It was a happiest moment when Navy officials opened the gate of the place where the helicopter parked.

Pakistani families’ children were excited to see the helicopter near them, they felt proud, Navy officials have provided the full information to their loving visitors.

Most of the families told us that such visits help in further cementing the bilateral relations between Pakistan and Kuwait.


The event was captured by Local news papers, PIK and VOPIK.


Atif Siddiqui CE of PIK (www.pakistanisinkuwait.com) & Tariq iqbal and Shazad Khan of VOPIK (Voice of Overseas Pakistanis in Kuwait TV channel)’s team have captured the full event officially, assigned by the Embassy of Pakistan.

News briefing, Reception on board and community open day’s videos will be uploaded on www.vopik.tv very soon.


for more pictures: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.481995078565479.1073741884.220236501408006&type=1

Reported: Tariq Iqbal

Edited by: Atif Siddiqui

Photography: Shahzad Khan


KUWAIT: PNS Tariq Reception on board was organized by Pakistan Embassy on 30th Sep at 1930 hrs, Captain Abdul Rahman welcomed their guest and briefed about the Ship, Anthem of both countries Kuwait and Pakistan were played.

Diplomats, Kuwaiti Media, Head of Multiple Organizations and well known personalities have participated on the special invitation from embassy with tight security. The occasion was covered by KTV2, VOPIK and photography taken by PIK and other Local News papers.

Pakistan Navy Ship Tariq DDG-181
PNS Tariq was named after a gallant Muslim conqueror TARIQ BIN ZIYAD. His conquest of Gibraltar led to the extension of the Muslim rule in Europe. The officers and men take great pride in serving onboard the ship that has been named after one of the greatest leader in Islamic history.

Pakistan Navy Ship TARIQ (D-181), the EX-HMS AMBUSCADE is a general purpose Frigate. She was the first of the Type-21 frigates to be built by Yarrows Ltd. Of Glasgow and launched on 17 January 1973. It was commissioned as HMS AMBUSCADE into the Royal Navy on 5 September 1975 and was the seventh ship in the Royal Navy to hold this name.

This ship has undergone a major modification in regard to her weapons and seniors. During the modernization, the state of the art equipments/weapons/sensors like ESM Set DR-3000 SIX, ECM/ESM NJ5A, Air/Surface surveillance long range radar DA-08, Surface to Air Missile LY-60 (N), Vulcan Phalanx (CIWS), wire guided Active / Passive Homing Torpedo System 43X2 and a modern Command and Control System C3 have been installed.

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For more Pictures: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.481721931926127.1073741883.220236501408006&type=3


KUWAIT: The Cabinet reiterated the need to address the increase in crime rate in Kuwait including murders – the latest of which happened at the Marina Mall last Thursday. The latest crime was a main topic of discussion during the Cabinet’s weekly meeting Monday during which Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid Al-Sabah gave a briefing regarding the incident, as well as the mechanism of coordination to be established with malls managements in order to provide security personnel and surveillance cameras at each shopping center.

Those updates were published by Al-Qabas yesterday quoting a government source familiar with the Cabinet’s meeting. Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry released a statement yesterday announcing that managements of local malls and shopping centers have already been contacted and informed about procedures they are required to adopt in order to improve safety and security conditions there.

The statement explains that the conditions include installing CCTV cameras inside and outside a shopping mall, as well as installing metal detectors at entrances and providing an adequate number of alarm and communication systems. As per the new conditions, malls would also be required to put signs at entrances that list all kinds of banned weapons and items as well as penalties for smuggling those items inside the mall.

In another development, a Kuwaiti lawmaker has urged the government to remove statues sold in local markets, especially those representing idols worshiped during the pre-Islamic era in the Arabian Peninsula and civilizations surrounding it during that period.

“An increase in the number of models and statues representing idols worshipped during the Jahiliyya (Age of Ignorance; a general term referring to pre-Islamic Arabia) is found in malls and shops around Kuwait where they are sold as accessories while sellers are unaware of what they truly represent”, MP Abdurrahman Al-Jeeran said in a statement published by Al-Rai daily yesterday.

The Islamist lawmaker announced that he has already submitted a proposal to ban selling statues idolized by Pagans throughout human history, mentioning the human-headed winged bull of Mesopotamian mythology, the eagle-headed deity of the Assyrian civilization and multiple-armed deities worshipped by some civilizations.

Al-Jeeran argued that selling the statues “violates Sharia law and the Constitution’, and added that a ban is necessary to “protect younger generations”. “The statues could sometimes be sold without knowing what they represent. Entire nations in the past were destroyed because these idols were worshipped,” he added.

Meanwhile, Al-Jeeran insisted that his stand on the issue should not be misinterpreted as “urging people to convert to one religion” though he reiterated simultaneously that “while human beings have freedom of belief from a technical standpoint, the Sharia states that Allah has chosen Islam as the religion that humanity should follow”, he said.

Al-Jeeran explained in his proposal that it was “in line with Article 2 of the Kuwait Constitution” which identifies Sharia law as the main source of legislation, and quoted verses from the Holy Quran and Hadith which bans trading alcohol, pork, and idols. In order to come into effect, the proposal needs to be approved by the relevant parliamentary committee first before it will be up for voting during a parliament session. The government has the authority to reject a bill passed by a parliamentary majority after which a draft law is up for a second vote but in that case, it would require a two-third majority to pass. – Agencies

KUWAIT: Pakistani Naval Ship known as “PNS TARIQ” is on visit of Kuwait for goodwill & bilateral relations (from Sep 29 to Oct 03, 2013).

On September 30th afternoon a news press briefing arranged by Press attaché of Embassy of Pakistan Mr. Kashif Zaman, as usual Pakistani Media team and Kuwait Media team participated to cover this briefing on board.


Media teams also visited inside the PNS Tariq with Captain Abdul Rahman, During their visit to Kuwait Mr. Abdul Rahman will meet with Kuwaiti Navy officials.


Report: Tariq Iqbal

Edited by: Atif Siddiqui

Photography: Shazad Khan


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for more pictures: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.481163121982008.1073741882.220236501408006&type=1

KUWAIT: The Church of Pakistan in Kuwait on Friday evening organized a condolence reference for the victims of the blast in All Saints Church Peshawar.  The twin blasts which killed 78 and injured over a hundred people in the Pakistani city of Peshawar last Sunday, left the small Pakistani Christian community reeling in shock.  

The Ambassador of Pakistan, Syed Abrar Hussain and other officers of the embassy attended the event and assured the Christian Pakistanis in Kuwait that the whole nation shared their grief in this time of bereavement. The ambassador stated that the blast was an attempt by terrorists to create divide amongst the Pakistani people, and all Pakistanis-both Muslim and Christian were equally horrified and saddened by the event. The Pakistani government announced a 3 day national mourning period from September 23rd to 25th during which the Pakistani flag remained on half mast. 

The Ambassador commended the Christian community for their patience and understanding and said it reflected their patriotism. He also clarified that Islam in no way supports the killing of innocent people. Over 40,000 innocent Pakistanis have been killed in terrorist attacks in the past few years which include people from multiple religions and all walks of life. Later the same
evening, the Ambassador also attended a meeting held by the Pakistani community in Kuwait to offer their condolences to the Christian community. Pastors Justin D. Ram and John James,
Professor Mumtaz Shah and various other Christians also participated in the event. 

KUWAIT: A Kuwaiti man in his early twenties was stabbed to death on Thursday at the Marina Mall in Salmiya – the latest of such incidents after a Lebanese doctor was killed at the Avenues Mall a few months ago. Meanwhile, the three suspects have been arrested and a case has been filed.

The acting PM and Minister of Interior (MoI), Sheikh Mohammed Al-Khaled Al-Sabah has expressed his appreciation for the efforts exerted by Hawally detectives and the criminal investigators in unfolding the mystery behind the Marina Mall murder and the arrests they made. MoI’s security media department announced that Hawally detectives have identified the suspects – two Bedoons (stateless citizens) and a Kuwaiti man. They are Saad Thuwaini Kathem (Bedoon), Abdullah Mubarak Mohsen (Bedoon) and Saad Ali Faraj (Kuwaiti).

The brutal murder has provoked angry reactions from several MPs who condemned what they described as a ‘loose security’. In this regard, MP Sa’doun Hammad has urged the Interior Minister to have a stricter grip on security in order to prevent such ‘terrifying murders’ occasionally taking place in Kuwait’s shopping malls. “Once more, the society is shocked by a horrific murder in a shopping mall. The Interior Minister, who is known for his decisiveness, should have a stricter security grip”, he urged.

MP Khalil Al-Saleh said that the Marina Mall murder indicates government’s bad performance and called for more serious actions to be taken to prevent such incidents. MP Hamdan Al-Azmi urged the government to boost security in shopping malls and public places.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun, Staff Writer

KUWAIT: The Ambassador of Pakistan to Kuwait Syed Abrar Hussain on Sunday met with representatives of 15 companies and business groups in Kuwait, including DIA Behbehani, Future Communications and Global United, which will participate in the upcoming Expo Pakistan. 

The Ambassador apprised the participants on various aspects of the event. He said the exhibition is the biggest trade fair in Pakistan that showcases the largest collection of Pakistan’s export merchandise and services. He informed that business delegates from 52 countries participated in the event last year that also saw business deals worth over $ US 500 million. He said that 8th Expo was expected to be even more successful with the presence of greater number of local and foreign buyers.

The first Expo was held in 2005 and since then it is an annual event. The 8th Expo Pakistan is scheduled from September 26 to29 in Karachi


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