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KUWAIT: Indian Cultural Society is presenting Stage Play and Urdu Mushaira on Friday 6th Sept 2013 at Kuwait medical Association Hall, Jabriya Kuwait.

Stage play is starting at 6:30pm and Mushaira at 9:00pm.

Main characters of the event are underneath.


  1. Tom Alter in and as Moulana Azad (Monologue)
  2. Munawwar Rana
  3. Dr. Nusrat Medhdi
  4. Mansoor Usmani
  5. Aqeel Nomanl
  6. Naeem Akhtar
  7. Arun Gemini
  8. Dr. Tariq Qamar
  9. Alok Shrivastav
  10. Sakeena Shikari


For more detail contact 50334646, 97262993, 97428028, 55526927, 69005443 or VIA email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

KUALA LUMPUR: Kuwait Red Crescent Society has completed the structure of Al-Mubarikiya School and handed it over to Banda Aceh province, located at the northwestern tip of Indonesia.
Handing over the school comes as part of completing Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah village project in the Indonesian Province that has started back in 2009, Chief of KRCS Barjas Al-Barjas said during a ceremony on this occasion.
HH Sheikh Jaber is late Amir of the State of Kuwait.
The school, named after the first school built in Kuwait, holds all necessary facilities from classrooms, laboratories, theater, meeting halls to medical emergency units.
Al-Barjas noted the Kuwait is taking pride in rushing to aid Indonesia, financially and medically, after it was hit by the 2004 tsunami by rebuilding the infrastructure in many parts of the country. Kuwait also helped in building a water desalination plant and an orphanage in addition to providing up to 300 boats for fishermen in Banda Aceh and its neighboring areas.
In a statement, Kuwaiti Ambassador to Indonesia Nasser Al-Khaldi stressed that Kuwait and Indonesia have strong political, economic and social bonds. He emphasized that his country will always remain a supporter of Indonesia and to any humanitarian work. The Kuwaiti envoy lauded KRCS's efforts and wished this humanitarian body more accomplishments in all voluntary and humanitarian works.
On his part, Banda Aceh governor expressed his appreciation to all philanthropic efforts done by the state of Kuwait and the KRCS. (KUNA)

KUWAIT: Kuwait City police arrested a man before he could leave the country with money he conned out of tourists through various scams. The suspect reportedly made KD 16,000 after giving at least seven families travel tickets and hotel reservations through a travel agency he worked at. His crime was discovered only when one of his clients called the agency to cancel his trip and was informed that his reservations were not registered in the agencies’ records and that the money he paid was never deposited. When the Egyptian man was nowhere to be found, both the client and the agency manager went to Sharq police station and filed a case. The man was arrested on Tuesday and he admitted to pocketing the cash through scams and said that he had already sent the money to his home country. He remains in custody pending legal procedures.

KUWAIT: A Rumaithiya resident faces charges after he physically assaulted his sister on finding her phone busy late at night. In her statements to police, the Kuwaiti woman said that her brother returned home fuming, stormed into her room and beat her up. She added that despite attempts to explain to him, her brother continued his physical and verbal abuse and even threatened to kill her if he found her cell phone line busy at night again. The victim went to Mubarak Hospital, got a medical diagnosis done and rushed to the police station to report the case. Police summoned the man for investigations.

KUWAIT: Officers from General Traffic Department (GTD) issued 30,214 citations against various traffic violations, seized 490 vehicles, arrested 174 violators of traffic rules, registered 1,122 traffic accidents and provided 78 assistances during traffic campaigns launched in all six governorates throughout last week.

According to the statistics issued by the General Traffic Department, officers issued 6,009 traffic citations, seized 68 vehicles and arrested 44 traffic violators in Capital Governorate, while in Farwaniya Governorate they issued 4,590 traffic citations, seized 59 vehicles and arrested 17 traffic violators. In Hawally Governorate, officers issued 5,465 citations seized 84 vehicles and arrested 82 traffic violators while in Ahmadi, 2,234 citations were registered 21 vehicles were seized and 5 individuals were arrested for violating traffic rules.

In Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate, 244 citations were issued and 13 vehicles were seized. Officers from the General Operations Unit issued 6,370 citations, seized 187 vehicles and arrested 10 traffic violators while the officers at Kuwait International Airport issued 1,133 citations for various violations and seized a vehicle. The Technical Inspection Department issued 417 traffic citations for technical violations.

A special team of detectives issued 2,442 traffic citations, seized 55 vehicles and detained 16 violators in traffic custody. Security source stressed that traffic officers will continue such sudden campaigns in all governorates under the guidance of Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs Major General Abdul Fattah Al-Ali

KUWAIT: It was a wonderful evening when about 35 Diplomats from Multiple countries, Kuwaiti officials and Pakistani community attended the inauguration of Mango and Basmati Rice Festival at Crown Plaza in Al Ahmadi Resturant.

The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Kuwait H.E Syed Abrar Hussain & Mrs. Abrar Hussain welcomed guests.

Mrs. Munenza Majeed, the commercial attaché of Pakistan Embassy started the ceremony and requested H.E Syed Abrar Hussain to come on the stage to address, H.E Syed Abrar Hussain introduced Pakistani produce such as Basmati Rice and different kind of mangos”

Ambassador of Pakistan Syed Abrar Hussain interviewed by VOPIK & PIK team, KTV-2, Al Rai TV.


  • Mrs. H.E Syed Abrar Hussain was so happy and she told Shaheen Rizvi in her interview that our products are standard and absolutely high class; we introduce more goods from Pakistan.
  • Mr. Aziz Mamuji the Director of SOS foundation in Kuwait and Director of Gulf Consult said ‘’ Such an amazing and fantastic event from H.E Syed Abrar Hussain & Mrs. Abrar Hussain. I really enjoyed. Even we are also planning a get-to-gather program in the end of August 2013.
  • Mrs. Sabiha Ubed a social activist also supported such events in Kuwait, she told us that she is very happy and participate this food festival; Pakistani Mango is very delicious even our Rice taste so good. Moreover she was very happy and she accompanied by many other Kuwaiti friends.
  • Ms. Sheeba Arain told us that she came especially from UK to celebrate Independence Day in Kuwait with her family, Today a Mango & Rice Festival event is really well managed by Pakistani Embassy. Pakistani Mango taste is recognized in the world.
  • Shahid Iqbal Head of Wajda group told us that ‘’it is late start such events in Kuwait by the Embassy”, we have a lot of Pakistani Products not only in the field of fruits/vegetables but also in Electro-Mechanical, Medical Equipment, sports sectors etc.
  • Answering a question from us, Mr. Sarwar Inayat replied that Pakistani Products are very good, many kind of mango we produce and the taste like honey.  

Report: Tariq Iqbal

Reviewed and Edited by: Atif Siddiqui

Photography by : Shazad Khan

Pictures can be watched on our PIK facebook page on www.facebook.com/pakistanisinkuwait


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We need to renew our pledge today that we would come up to the expectations of our great Quaid- H.E Syed Abrar Hussain

KUWAIT: The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Kuwait H.E Syed Abrar Hussain hoisted the National Flag with National anthem playing in the background in a simple but impressive ceremony that was attended by representatives of large Pakistani community residing in Kuwait and the officials of the Embassy. Being an Ambassador it was his first independence day Celebration Ceremony in Kuwait.
“We need to renew our pledge today that we would come up to the expectations of our great Quaid and make Pakistan a strong and better country” stated by the Ambassador of Pakistan Syed Abrar Hussain in his interview to Voice of Overseas Pakistanis in Kuwait Channel & PIK team after the flag hoisting ceremony to mark the 67th Independence Day of Pakistan, KTV-2 also captured this beautiful event today.
Later on, messages of the President of Pakistan Mr. Asif Ali Zardari and the Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif were read to the audience. In his message the president said that 14th August marked the successful culmination of a long and arduous struggle against heavy odds by Muslims of the sub-continent under the inspiring leadership of Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. The Quaid envisioned Pakistan as a homeland for the Muslims of South Asia where democracy, constitutionalism and rule of law would reign supreme. Let us on this day join hands in upholding the principles for which Pakistan was created.
The Prime Minister in his message said that Pakistan came into being as a result of democratic, political and constitutional struggle. It is in democracy and representative rule that Pakistan’s future lies. Pakistan now has a functioning democracy, independent judiciary, and strong parliament. Similarly, robust media, active civil society and rising middle class are the manifestation of vibrant Pakistan. Democratic Pakistan enjoys respect and leverage in the comity of nations.
Addressing the participants of the ceremony, the Ambassador congratulated the Pakistani community residing in Kuwait on this auspicious occasion. He said that we are celebrating our 67th Independence Day at a time when Pakistan is confronted with many challenges as well as opportunities. The resilient Pakistani nation has emerged victorious in the face of such challenges and Insha’ Allah it will be no different this time around as well.
The Ambassador noted that the current year also marked a new turn in Pakistan-Kuwait relations whereby the visits of the President and the Prime Minister of Pakistan have helped in further cementing the bilateral relations between the two brotherly nations. He also said that the bonds of friendship and brotherhood have been further strengthened.
The Ambassador appreciated the role played by the Pakistani community in the development of both Pakistan and Kuwait. He said that they are our dearest asset and expressed the hope that they will continue to promote a better image of Pakistan through their sense of commitment and hard work.

Report by: Tariq Iqbal
Reviewed / Edited by: Atif Siddiqui 
Photography by: Shazad Khan

Pictures can be watch on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.460229617408692.1073741860.220236501408006&type=3

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