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KUWAIT CITY, Oct 22:  The Kuwait Municipality has warned against the throwing of cigarette butts while traveling by car, on sidewalks, in parks and public places, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added, those caught will have to pay KD 200 fine.

The Head of the Municipality’s emergency team Zaid Al-Enezi told the daily ‘the penalty for violating Article 1 of the Municipal Services Law No. 9 of 1987 which forbids throwing cigarette butts on sidewalks, roads, public squares and parks, is KD 5 and may reach 200 dinars’. Al-Enezi stressed that “there will be no tolerance and the violator will be punished. He added, the law also prohibits spitting and urinating other than those prepared for that. Writing of graffiti or defacing public places is also forbidden. He referred to the penalty set by the Environment Public Authority which is KD 5,000 for those who violate the environment.

‘Protecting youth against drug abuse is top priority’

KUWAIT, Oct 22, (KUNA): The Ministry of Interior attaches great importance to the fight against the self-damaging use of narcotics and prioritizes the efforts to protect youth against the risks of these substances, a senior official said on Saturday. Between early July and October 14, large quantities of illicit drugs have been seized, Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry for Criminal Security Affairs Maj-Gen Khaled Al-Deyain said.

During this period the security services managed to seize up to 15,506 kg of crystal meth (locally known as shabu), 13,118 kg of heroin, 14,032 kg of hashish, 21,100 kg of spice (also known as Zombie Drug), 8,270 Captagon tablets (dubbed Chemical Courage), 27,635 Tramadol tablets 35 grams of Cocaine, and 17,365 tablets of other narcotic substances, he revealed.

In addition, the lawenforcement agencies, in collaboration with the General Administration of Customs, seized 5,445 bottles of imported wine and 1,000 marijuana saplings, and aborted an attempt to smuggle 1.3 million Captagon tablets into the country, Maj-Gen Al-Deyain said in a statement by the Ministry’s General Department of Public Relations and Security Media.

At the behest of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Khaled Jarrah Al-Sabah, the security services adopt a modern and scientific approach to combating all kinds of narcotic abuse, he pointed out.

The Ministry adopts a notolerance policy against anybody who provide to be involved in drug smuggling or promoting activities with a view to protecting the society against the risks of these self-damaging substances, Maj-Gen Al-Deyain went on. He extolled the supreme political leadership of the country for their limitless support to the ministry in its combat against narcotics, which led to tightening the noose on drug trafficking gangs.

On his part, Director of the Ministry’s General Department of Public Relations and Security Media Brig Adel Al-Hashash said his department spares no effort in promoting public awareness, particularly among the youth, about the physical, mental and economic risks posed by narcotics.

The anti-narcotic educational campaign is the ideal strategy to immunize youth against falling prey to drug addiction, he said, citing the role of security media in this regard. Brig Al-Hashash also highlighted the role of parents in educating children against drug abuse and contributing the efforts of the security services.

Source: Arab times

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 21: The public should refrain from wearing shirts with slogans of drug users known as ‘Dab T-shirt’ to avoid facing legal problems, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting legal sources.

Sources explained the ‘Dab act’ is a sign of consuming hashish or marijuana, indicating a person who sells such shirts in shops or social networking sites is believed to be addicted to drugs.

Sources warned this person will be arrested by investigation authorities or securitymen deployed in markets and commercial complexes. Sources added the ‘Dab’ phenomenon, which came from other countries, spread in the GCC recently

Source: Arab Times http://www.arabtimesonline.com/news/refrain-wearing-dab-t-shirt-avoid-facing-legal-problems/


KUWAIT CITY, Oct 21: Public Relations Department at Kuwait Municipality announced the continuation of its campaign dubbed “We Beautify It with Your Support” to enlighten the public about submitting complaints and suggestions online via the Municipality website to improve the level of hygiene in all governorates, reports Al- Seyassah daily.

Director of Public Hygiene and Road Works for Capital Municipality Meshal Al-Azemi disclosed the department recently collaborated with the Central Emergency Committee to implement an inspection campaign in Salhiya area based on Ministerial Decision No. 9/87 that prohibits certain activities considered harmful to public health.

The decision prohibits dumping of waste, paper, cans, and cigarette butts on the pavements, squares, roads and fields. The operation led to the issuance of 200 citations against violators of decision number 9/87. The campaign will continue over an unspecified period to ensure bad attitude is eliminated from society.

Meanwhile, Director of Safety at Jahra Governorate Mubarak Al- Bu’ayes disclosed the department issued 112 licenses and safety certificates in September. Transactions accomplished included 38 safety (hygiene) certificates for private and investment buildings, 19 warnings, receipts of 16 money guarantees and 15 work authorizations. It also issued 12 safety licenses for private and public buildings, released 6 banking guarantees plus 3 storage licenses, and issued 3 warnings against state property, he noted.

The Public Relations Department of Kuwait Municipality urged citizens and expatriates to contact the residents to report about any violations through the social media account of Kuwait Municipality @ kuwmun, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

It revealed that the campaigns held in Capital and Farwaniya governorates resulted in the issuance of 51 citations over various types of violations.

The Director of the Department of Audit and Follow-up of Municipality Services Iman Al-Kandari said the department carried out a number of campaigns that targeted shops and restaurants in Qibla, Salhiya and Mubarakiya areas which resulted in issuance of 46 citations. She explained that the violations for which these citations were issued included employment of workers without health certificates, selling expired food items, occupation of areas that are not included in the shops and violation of hygiene related rules.

The violations also included allowing workers to sleep inside the shops. Meanwhile, the emergency team of Farwaniya Municipality carried out a campaign that targeted shops, restaurants and cafés in Ardiya Industrial Area during which five citations were issued.

Head of the emergency team Ahmad Al-Sharikah said the campaign carried out by Shift A included inspection of ten cafés and restaurants, and the issuance of five citations for violations that included allowing workers to sleep inside shops and cafés in addition to operating shops before getting license of Kuwait Municipality.

By Abubakar A. Ibrahim
Alseyassah / Arab Times Staff

Source: Arab Times http://www.arabtimesonline.com/news/no-dumping-waste-paper-cans-butts-roads-paths-citizens-expats-urged-report-violations/


KUWAIT CITY, Oct 16: A young woman led her stalker to her boyfriend in Bneid Al-Gar area for a thorough beating, reports Al-Rai daily. According to security sources, the young lady, while she was driving down the Second Ring Road, famously known as Love Street, was frustrated by a youth who was stalking her for a while, and devised a plan. She started smiling at the stalker.

Thinking that the young woman was finally obliging to his advances, he followed her to a building in Bneid Al-Gar, believing that she would stop at a private place and talk to him. But little did he know that she was taking him to her boyfriend.

In the parking lot of the building, the stalker was surprised when a man, who later turned out to be her boyfriend, started attacking him and causing him bruises. Witnesses called the Operations Room of Ministry of Interior to report about the incident. Securitymen and paramedics were dispatched to the location. The stalker was provided with medical treatment, while the young woman and her boyfriend were referred to Da’iya Police Station for questioning.

By Jaber Al-Hamoud
Al-Seyassah Staff and

Source: Arab Times http://www.arabtimesonline.com/news/girl-leads-stalker-boyfriend-thorough-beating/


KUWAIT CITY, Oct 16: Detectives from Ahmadi Security Command landed a huge blow on a human trafficking gang following the arrest of four men — two Bedoun and two Asians — in Fintas area. With this arrest, the detectives have succeeded in ending the inhumane practices that 26 Asians were subjected to by the four-member gang, as they were forced to work in massage parlors and provide sexual services to their willing customers.

According to sources, Ahmadi Criminal Investigations Department received information about some Asians who were being held captive by the gang and forced to work in massage parlors in Abu Halifa and Mahboula area.

Immediately a team was formed for conducting investigations. After acquiring necessary legal documentations from the Public Prosecution, the team of detectives raided the parlors and arrested the suspects involved in the crime as well as those who have been cooperating with the vice that transpired in those parlors. The sources affirmed that the owner of the parlors as well as the gang have been assaulting the victims and forcing them to engage in sexual vices and work continuously, in addition to forcing them to wear make-up and women’s clothes.

The victims said they wanted to file a case against the owner of the massage parlors and his accomplices who placed them under captivity as soon as they arrived in Kuwait. The concerned authorities have taken necessary legal measures against the culprits.

By Munaif Nayef Al-Seyassah Staff and Agencies

Source: Arab Times http://www.arabtimesonline.com/news/gang-caught-forcing-men-work-massage-women/


Firefighters at the scene of fire that broke out in an apartment building in Salmiyah. Five Asians lost their lives in the blaze

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 16, (KUNA): Five people died and four others were injured in a fiery fire that gutted an apartment building in Salmiyah on Monday, the fire department said.

Firefighters, in four minutes, arrived at the scene and immediately scrambled into action to douse the blazes that were raging at the five-floor building. The firemen rescued nine persons including five whose condition was critical however they passed away before arrival at Mubarak Hospital.

All the deceased were Asians. The others were whisked to the Amiri Hospital and their condition was pronounced as stable. The fire broke out in the fourth fl oor and smoke engulfed the fifth, which includes the victims’ fl at.

Source: Arab Times http://www.arabtimesonline.com/news/five-dead-salmiya-blaze-apartment-gutted/


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