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KUWAIT CITY, Oct 26: The idea of providing shelter for women who are exposed to domestic violence is no longer a mere dream based on a recent announcement saying the first shelter will be inaugurated soon, reports Al- Qabas daily.

Chairperson of the Women Socio-cultural Society Lulua Al- Mulla said the society played a pivotal role in transforming the dream to a reality. She added the society coordinated with the Ministry of Planning and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to review laws related to women since 2012.

She stated the project titled “My Paper” came out with 18 recommendations and presented to the office of UNDP in the country to mark the World Women’s Day.

The recommendations included establishment of a shelter for women who are facing domestic violence — the first of its kind to be established in cooperation between a civil society organization and government departments. She noted the study revealed that Kuwait was about the only country without such a shelter for women.

She indicated cases of domestic violence against women are high in Kuwait, while some people have been assisting such victims based on individual voluntary basis. This is risky and life threatening for those rendering assistance, because such people are exposed to danger when the father, husband or brothers of the victims detect their hideouts.

Source: Arab Times

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 26: Most of the Kuwaitis who had registered to work in the cooperatives sectors reportedly don’t want to work in the jobs that have been offered to them, reports Al-Jarida daily quoting sources from the cooperative societies.

The sources said those Kuwaitis who are actually working in the cooperative societies sector are less than 35 out of the more than 82 persons registered and who had shown their interest in the cooperatives sector during interviews but a majority of them are not serious about working.

The Manpower and Government Restructuring Program (MGRP) and the State Executive Apparatus have registered more than 1,100 citizens willing to work in cooperative societies, and are continuing to receive more applications. According to the memorandum of understanding (MoU), which showed 1,800 jobs available in cooperative societies, these vacancies did not suit most of the applicants. The sources pointed out the MoU between MGRP and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor and signed with the Federation of Cooperative Societies, is flawed.

The same sources said the MoU will be reviewed due to lack of incentives for Kuwaiti workers in cooperative societies except for the labor support provided by the government. The sources said the nature of cooperative societies which are service institutions unlike the private sector companies and they cannot be forced to pay specific salaries to citizens who wish to work. They also announce job vacancies and make interviews according to their needs, the source added.

Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) has signed several contracts with local companies to supply deep drilling pipes worth up to 50 million dinars for three years, reports Al-Seyassah daily. KOC signed the contracts with more than one local company in September and October respectively to supply and manufacture deep drilling pipes for North Kuwait and Jurassic gas fields after they were qualified by the tender committee of the Petroleum Corporation and Central Tenders Committee.

It also received approval of the Central Agency for Tenders Tuesday for the joint venture company to execute additional works at the Jurassic Gas Project and related activities in Northern Kuwait at a cost of KD 4.1 million. Sources added Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) provided the company with details of the contract and additional items the company will implement so as to complete the rest of the work entrusted to it, noting the issuance of change orders for all projects in the company is strictly by terms and conditions.

Source: Arab times

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 25, (KUNA): The administrative department in the Supreme Court rejected a lawsuit filed by a lawyer against the Ministry of Health (MOH) to overturn its decision to increase health care fees for foreigners.

The Fatwa and Legislation Department pleaded on behalf of the ministry of Health and demanded to dismiss the case and submitted a defense memorandum behind the ministry’s decision. The case was first heard by the court last August, and decided on Oct 4 to hold the case for the verdict until today.

Health ministry has issued a decision to increase fees on expatriates due to increase in costs for providing health care services such as surgeries, medical equipment, laboratories and medical supplies.

The decision came into force on Oct 1 with the exception of emergency and critical cases. Earlier, Kuwait Health Minister Jamal Al-Harbi announced the exemption of some categories of expatriates from paying the new healthcare fees.

These exemptions included non-Kuwaitis married to Kuwaiti women. The minister also issued several “explanatory decisions” regarding health insurance, fees pertaining to medical prescriptions and receiving intensive care at public hospitals for non-Kuwaitis, read a ministry statement.

Intensive care fees will be subject to a medical report approved by the doctor and after consultation from the head of the specialised ward, said the minister, adding that domestic workers will not be subject to these fees. He reiterated that the increase in the fees is due to the high expense burden of healthcare on the ministry.

Those exempt from the fees include children under the age of 12 of cancer patients, non-Kuwaiti women married to Kuwaitis, non-Kuwaiti mothers of Kuwaitis and the daughters of a Kuwaiti mother married to a non-Kuwaiti.

Others include people receiving care at welfare homes, Gulf Cooperation Council citizens, illegal residents, members of official delegations, transit travelers, non-Kuwaiti prisoners and students on a Kuwaiti-funded grant.


By Abubakar A. Ibrahim
Arab Times Staff

Source: Arab Times / KUNA

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 25: Assistant Undersecretary for Technical Affairs at the Environment Public Authority (EPA) Mohammad Al- Enezi announced the imposition of KD 10,000 fine for anyone who makes barbecue on the beaches, considering it a ‘tough penalty’, in respect of fines for barbecuing in public parks, which varies according to the type of violation, reports Al-Rai daily.

“The environmental law does not punish the activity of barbecue itself, but it punishes the effect and pollution resulting from any activity that harms the surrounding environment and accordingly determines the type of violation and the monetary fine,” Al-Enezi said in a statement.

He indicated the violation may be in accordance with one or more provisions contained in the Environmental Protection Law, and each provision has its own financial penalty. He explained when a resident or a citizen is caught in a permitted range and does not comply with the provisions of the Environmental Protection Law and his activity results in causing harm to the environment, or whoever makes barbecue in non-permitted locations, the law will be applied according to the type and size of the violation. He added, the violator may be subjected to other penalties for violating laws issued by the Kuwait Municipality or the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources.

Source: Arab times

File Photo : Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Public Security Affairs Maj.-Gen. Ibrahim Al-Tarrah during made an inspection tour of mosques

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 23: Assistant Undersecretary for Public Security Affairs at Ministry of Interior Major General Ibrahim Al-Tarrah has issued orders to deport 22 expatriates who were arrested from makeshift markets, reports Al-Anba daily. The decision to deport them is in line with implementation of the regulations related to violation of the residency law. No further details were available.

Employee bribed: Security operatives are looking for a citizen who presented a cheque to an employee of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor as a bribe to facilitate his transaction, reports Al-Rai daily. The lady employee filed a complaint at a police station in the Capital and said the citizen submitted an application that did not meet specifications, and he tried to bribe her to complete the transaction. Apparently, the citizen left the premises and returned 30 minutes later with a cheque and tried to bribe the lady employee when she asked him to complete the missing documents. She expelled him and notified her supervisor about it. She provided details of the citizen to the police, and a case of bribery was registered

Source: Arab Times http://www.arabtimesonline.com/news/deportation-expats-caught-operating-makeshift-markets/


KUWAIT CITY, Oct 23: Minister of Health Dr Jamal Al-Harbi affirmed that any employee of the ministry proven to be involved in corruption will be referred for questioning irrespective of his/her position, reports Aljarida daily. He indicated that the coming few weeks will witness further preparations for the inauguration of Jaber Hospital in different stages.

In an interview with the daily, Dr Al-Harbi stressed his keenness to take relevant executive correctional decisions with full transparency in order to rectify all mistakes and refer those responsible for those mistakes for questioning as soon as the concerned parliamentary committee completes its investigations on the overseas medical treatment file.

He insisted that he will not accept any form of corruption to occur in the hiring and employment of nurses or any other employees of the ministry. Dr Al-Harbi affirmed that he will take necessary legal procedures concerning every complaint in this context by either referring the file to the Public Prosecution or ensuring legal investigations are conducted by the ministry. He said he will not permit the hiring of nurses unless it happens through qualified companies and in line with the declared criteria, indicating that he will not hesitate in taking relevant decisions against any company that is proven to be involved in corruption.

Meanwhile, Dr Al-Harbi clarified that the decision to increase the charges of medical services offered to expatriates was a must as it is part of the integrated medical reform program. Also, the minister indicated that the nature of the job and responsibilities of doctors might make it difficult to include them in the fingerprint attendance system, as it may negatively affect the need for providing prompt medical care for some patients. He indicated that the Kuwaitization of medical, nursing and technical jobs is too difficult to be carried out soon. Dr Al-Harbi disclosed that an integrated project has been planned for complete review and restructure of the medical media with the aim of unifying medical speech.

Source: Arab Times http://www.arabtimesonline.com/news/corrupt-officials-health-will-dealt-al-harbi-hike-fees-part-reform-program/


KUWAIT CITY, Oct 22:  The Kuwait Municipality has warned against the throwing of cigarette butts while traveling by car, on sidewalks, in parks and public places, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added, those caught will have to pay KD 200 fine.

The Head of the Municipality’s emergency team Zaid Al-Enezi told the daily ‘the penalty for violating Article 1 of the Municipal Services Law No. 9 of 1987 which forbids throwing cigarette butts on sidewalks, roads, public squares and parks, is KD 5 and may reach 200 dinars’. Al-Enezi stressed that “there will be no tolerance and the violator will be punished. He added, the law also prohibits spitting and urinating other than those prepared for that. Writing of graffiti or defacing public places is also forbidden. He referred to the penalty set by the Environment Public Authority which is KD 5,000 for those who violate the environment.


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