RAWALPINDI: Whatever her fate, it seems Ayyan Ali will not be able to get back her half a million dollars until she files an appeal with the Collector of Adjudication, Islamabad.

A senior official of the customs prosecution wing revealed that the model will have to file an appeal with the Collector of Adjudication to get her money back. Ms Ali was apprehended while travelling with half a million US dollars. The amount was seized by customs when she was checking in for a flight to Dubai at Benazir Bhutto International Airport (BBIA) on March 14 this year.

Although Ms Ali was released on bail on July 16, she cannot travel abroad or get back her money and passports.

“She even had to inform the trial court before leaving for Karachi after the court proceedings ended,” the official said.

He said in the event that the collector of adjudication rejects her appeal, she will have to file another appeal with the Customs Tribunal, then the Islamabad High Court and eventually the Supreme Court provided all of her appeals were rejected at lower levels.

“Neither she, nor the trial court, asked customs for the custody of her passports or her mobile phones, which are being kept as ‘case property’ with customs,” the legal expert said. He said all her belongings were confiscated by customs in March, including her two passports.


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