Islamabad: Pakistan has decided to send another state of the art satellite into space to fortify its position in space and a sum of Rs. 7 billion has been allocated in the budget 2015-16 for this program.

Pakistan is likely to be able to launch the new satellite in the space by the end of 2018. Headquarter of this satellite program will be set up in Lahore. Work will also be initiated for establishment of satellite station under SPARCO. The new project will be started in the upcoming financial year 2015-16.

The neighboring countries China and India outnumber Pakistan in the quantity of satellites held by them and they are reaping enormous economic and defense benefits from them. On the other hand Pakistan had launched one satellite in space earlier. The launching of the new satellite will usher in new revolution in the domain of communication in Pakistan besides bolstering country’s potential for satellite monitoring and achieving defense targets. This program will also help in ensuring equitable distribution of water among four provinces under 1991 water apportionment accord.

The sources said this objective will be achieved within three years and more 14 billion rupees will be earmarked for this project in the federal budget of next two fiscal years.


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