For Saba Qamar, wearing a burqa to being called rebellious and being unapologetically human is part of being herself. In a recent interview, the Baaghi actor opened up about the little things in life that make her happy, including anonymous retail therapy.

On May 12, Qamar appeared on a show Gup Shup by Fuchsia Magazine where she revealed details about her career. She called the start of her career a time that taught her "patience and humility" as she started to value the crew on set and workers at home. She's also learned the importance of being able to enjoy life, including learning how to cook and going shopping as her alter ego Rasheeda, a woman who wears a burqa and mask.

"There's very less time for me. It's not like that I don't like my fans coming to me for pictures, because they show me love and appreciation. Who doesn't like all of that? But in my case I hardly get time to be free and secondly I don't shop for myself but the little things I need for my home. I'm a gharelu bacha, I like being involved in the sense of finding the right interior, chairs, bedspread, the right pillow and all that home stuff. So the time I have, if I go to the mall just like that, half of my time goes by in taking photos. I don't like saying no to my fans so that's why I wear a burqa to shopping malls," she explained.

The actor shared a time when she fell in the basement of a shop in a mall due to her burqa getting stuck. Qamar said while she and her sister had a good laugh as she picked herself up, her sister asked her to take it off but shopping and anonymity came first for her.

"I wear whatever I want to below. It's so much fun watching people continue their daily routine while you walk past them and they have no idea that it's Saba Qamar under the burqa and mask. Sometimes I do stupid things around my family like demanding to eat regular ice-cream. At times my sister wonders what would people think of her dressed in a very modern outfit along with her kids and then there's me in the burqa," Qamar said.

Maintaining that anonymity, she said that her sister often changes the name in public and calls her Rasheeda and many other names other than Saba.
For the actor, it's the small things that matter the most — like if someone sends over a bouquet of her favourite flowers or makes a cup of her favourite green tea. Upon being asked about the challenges and difficulties she has faced in the industry or in her personal life, Qamar said, "Life is difficult on its own, that one chapter is not enough to talk about. I think every day be it me or anyone else, there's struggle in everyone's lives. I was innocent and very naïve. The first experience of mine was very shocking."

She went on to speak about her thoughts on marriage. "I think in love marriages, when two people love each other, according to me, those two would never look around or think about someone else. So to get a proposal from a man who is 'happily married' in a love marriage was the first lesson I learnt. I had the reaction that 'oh my god, he just got married' and his marriage was something that everybody knew about. So for me it was like yeh bhi hota hai [this also happens]," she said.

Qamar also opened up about women in this field that struggle to find someone to love and a companion to rely on. She said that for her, compatibility matters. Everyone in the world wants to be loved, including her. "Women always have a soft corner, no matter how successful she is or what heights she has reached. A woman is vulnerable so her love corner is always there. Of course it gets difficult to find a companion when you have experiences of your own and that if that person hasn't been through any of them, they won't be able to handle you."

She also agreed with the host that such challenges make success difficult for women. "I feel like women still compromise. It's not the fault of men either, it's society that made them conscious that they are a man, superior and opinionated. Till this day I have seen that even if a woman is running the house, the only person who will be heard is the man who is doing nothing at home," she said.
When asked how someone can win her heart, she said that extraordinary things don't please her and sometimes small gestures are enough, like sending flowers — her favourites are lilies. "To take care of someone, for example making me a cup of green tea of a specific brand I like, so things like these matter for me," she revealed.

Qamar also hinted at the "happy" life she's living currently and announced that maybe she might announce something by the end of this year. The actor is currently promoting her film Ghabrana Nahi Hai alongside Zahid Ahmed and Syed Jibran and will be seen in drama Fraud with Ahsan Khan and Mikaal Zulfiqar starting from May 14.

Actor Sajal Aly made a bold move that may make some people uncomfortable when she said that children are not the only ones who need to be taught how to behave — parents need to learn how to treat their children right as well. It is a relationship that requires effort from both sides and she couldn't be more right.
"I believe, along with teaching children how to behave and conduct themselves, we should also teach parents how to treat their children," she wrote in a tweet. "Parents should get weekly classes (one hour a week, minimum) on how to deal with children and their dilemmas."

The Sinf-e-Aahan actor highlighted the fact that children are not playthings that can be moulded according to their parents' liking — they're individuals who deserve the same respect and disciplined response that is expected of them. It is a two-sided relationship that requires effort on both sides but the greater side needs to be the parents' — to bring another human being into the world is automatically shouldering the duty to raise them and do right by them. This includes learning to give them the space and attention they require to grow healthily.

This is not the first time a celebrity has brought attention to the parents' responsibility in the dynamic. Actor Mohsin Abbas Haider went into detail discussing the issue of child abuse as it pertained to an upcoming drama of his in 2018. He said we need to teach parents to listen to their children and hoped to achieve that through the drama.

"We want to bridge the gap between the family and the survivor of abuse. We want to teach children that the moment they are uncomfortable with someone they need the confidence to say it to their parents and we want to teach the parents to listen to their children and understand where they're coming from," he captioned his Instagram post.

Expanding a bit more on bridging the communication gap within families, he said, "Parents are supposed to be the most trustworthy unit for their children. We want children to be instilled with such confidence that they can tell their parents about anything and parents need to have awareness and be alert with their children."

The "awareness" and alertness that Abbas mentioned needs to apply to all situations — parents need to be attentive of the needs and behaviours of their children and sometimes that requires learning. No one is born a parent but everyone has the choice to make a conscious effort and learn more about it to allow their child to have the best shot at life and a good relationship with their parents.

Eesha Sheikh, Pakistani entrepreneur has made it to the prestigious ‘Forbes Next 1000 2021’ list. Her health tech app Playpal has become famous for helping people to pursue their healthcare goals by gamifying them.

Forbes revealed, “Playpal uses machine learning to help personalize health recommendations for its users, then offers rewards for hitting certain goals, both within the internal game of the app as well as external rewards. The company has raised around $2 million so far.”

According to Forbes, the health-tech startup Playpal Inc. was recognized in 2017, aiming to make health capital easily accessible and entertaining to all.
Eesha Sheikh said that during her childhood she struggled with clinical stoutness which led her to develop an app that can resolve the basis of the healthcare crises. “I started the company that could help individuals to control their susceptibility to disease, enabling them to live their best life.”

While talking to the media Eesha further explained about the app, “Playpal is an online platform, that is built on AI and blockchain technology which learns individual behaviours and supports them to live a healthier lifestyle through actions.”

Moreover, Eesha studied chemistry which supported her to coagulate her stance. After her graduation, she started education on gamified health with John Hopkins, Underarmour & Aetna from 2015 to 2017. This study proved to be a vision and helped her to assemble her ideas and Keeko, the main character of the gaming app was born.

“Keeko is a 2D combat shooter that is trying to save the world from her arch-nemesis, the junk food army. Keeko is a direct representation of me, my journey and how far I’ve come,” Eesha Sheikh added.
Sheikh added, “Initially Playpal will only be available to use in the US, however, its team is constantly working to broaden our horizons, making it available to a larger demographic.”
Besides this, fundraising, building and growing on our followers’ network and officially initiation of the Blockchain AI platform are the other future plans for Playpal.
Additionally, the company Playpal has also been nominated in Forbes’ list of 50+ women-led startups unruly health tech.

Popular Pakistani actress Sajal Aly placed 79th on “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2021,” according to a list released by TC Candler and the Independent Critics on Tuesday, December 28.
Sajal Aly along with Mahira Khan and Ayeza Khan were included as nominees for TC Candler’s list of the 100 most beautiful faces of 2021.
TC Candler, termed as ‘the creator of the Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces of the Year’, announced the nominations on their Instagram page that boasts 1.2 million followers.
Posting the pictures of Mahira, Ayeza, and Sajal, the outlet wrote, “Official Nominee for the 100 most beautiful faces 2021. Congratulations to all of these gorgeous women for being nominated as one of the Faces of 2021.”

TC Candler an Instagram page nominates the 100 most beautiful faces of men and women every year. The list includes the faces of the most marvelous and highly rated superstars of film and TV screens. Besides the selection is grounded on the beauty, passion, originality of stars. Whereas people use hashtags for their most favorite celebrity.

Meanwhile, a voting method will now follow that will find who makes it to the genuine list from the nominees.
Pakistani actresses Ayeza Khan, Mahira Khan, and Sajal Aly is dominating the industry not just with their looks but they can perform any powerful character with fully energetic skills to the screens. Dramas like Yaqeen Ka Safar, Sadqay Tumhary, Chupke Chupke, Mere Pass Tum Ho, signify the actual high standard and fruitful Lollywood career to the world.

Also, prior to Sajal and Mahira, Raqs e Bismil star Sarah Khan got nominated in the list of top beautiful women. The selection was built on the study of top cosmetic surgeons of the world.

BLACKPINK member Lisa, who was second in last year’s rankings, placed first in the 2021 list. She was followed by Norwegian blogger Emilie Nereng.

Romaisa Khan also known as Romi is a youthful and skilled renowned Pakistani entertainer, model, YouTuber, and TikTok star. She has an immense fan following on her Instagram and TikTok accounts. She began her acting vocation in 2020 from dramatization sequential “Bosses”. She has additionally shown up in numerous photographs going for top style brands.

Photo: Ahad Raza Mir/Instagram
Big news everyone! Actor Ahad Raza Mir will be in Netflix original series Resident Evil.
According to Variety, the Aangan actor has been cast in the series, although Netflix has yet to reveal what character Mir will be playing in the upcoming show.
The Resident Evil series — based on a Japanese video game series of the same name by Capcom — will tell a brand new story. The character of Albert Wesker will be played by American actor Lance Reddick. Other cast members include Siena Agudong, Tamara Smart, Ella Balinska and Adeline Rudolph amongst others.
The Resident Evil franchise also consists of a number of action-horror movies starring Ukraine-born actor Milla Jovovich (Alice) and Michelle Rodriguez (Claire Redfield), leaders of a commando team who must break into a a vast underground genetics laboratory where a deadly virus has been unleashed, turning people into the "undead" — humans who have died and been brought back to life by the virus.
Mir has made a name for himself in Pakistan's entertainment industry through dramas such as Yaqeen Ka Safar, Ahad-e-Wafa and Ye Dil Mera. He recently starred in Dhoop Ki Deewar alongside fellow actor and his wife Sajal Aly, a ZEE5 web series that depicts a cross-border love story.
Mir is the son of actor Asif Raza Mir who starred in PTV serials such as Samundar and Tanhaiyaan. He was also seen in later television serials such as Ishq Gumshuda and Choti Choti Baatein.

Photo: Sana Javed/ Instagram

Actor Sana Javed says she has initiated legal action against three people after several people took to social media with allegations that she misbehaved with them. The Dunk star took to Instagram on Thursday and said she has decided to pursue legal action against model Manal Saleem, makeup artist Omayr Waqar and stylist Aneela Murtaza.

"In the past 72 hours I've been subjected to all sorts of lies and fabricated stories, bullying, hate speech and threats," she wrote, in reference to detailed posts made on social media by makeup artists models and stylists about the way she had allegedly treated them.

According to her post, she served notices to three people. It all started when Saleem took to Instagram to share her experience working with an actor who belittled her. Saleem had originally written, "Requesting all the clients to not ask me to shoot with any actress/celebrity ever again. With their self entitled attitudes they think we are 'do takay ki [two bit] models'. The audacity to say that on my face! Hum bhi kam krne atay hain, muft main zaleel honay nahi atay [We come here to work, not to be insulted for free]." Her Instagram story has since expired but is available in highlights section of her Instagram account. She did not name the actor in question.

In the pictures of the defamation notice she shared online, Javed has refuted comments that Saleem had made in her story.

"When in fact at no point my client had any conversation with you let alone the one fabricated by you which is nothing but figment of your own imagination. It is categorically stated that insinuations made by you against our client’s being frivolous, vexatious, tainted with ulterior motives are nothing but an attempt to achieve publicity at the cost of our client’s reputation," read the notice.

The legal notices argued that Javed having a following of 6.8 million on Instagram and Saleem's account seeing a 6,000 follower increase after her story was posted illustrated that the move was "a publicity stunt so as to increase your following at the cost of our client's [Javed] goodwill."

The notice demands that Saleem retracts her story, tenders an unconditional public apology within 14 days and refrains from any further defamation. "You are also liable to pay Rs100 million as damages for the loss and damage to our client’s reputation, mental agony, torture and suffering," read the notice.

Saleem's story was shared by Waqar and Murtaza. Waqar wrote, "guess who is she [Manal] talking about? P.S it's just one person, not all actresses are the same," but did not name any actor. Murtaza reposted both of their stories and wrote "Sana" in a thought bubble emoji. The stories have since expired.

In her post, Javed called the situation a "proper smear campaign" that has been initiated against her by a group of individuals that has "caused severe trauma" not only for her but for her family as well.

"I'm shocked to see how toxic people can be and how quickly everyone jumps on a bandwagon without knowing all the facts. As far as the incident is concerned everyone knows one side of the story and I refuse to comment and discuss what was said and done by the other party as it's beyond disgusting and disgraceful to even mention here," she wrote.

The actor also mentioned that she "loves her work and holds it in the highest regards" throughout her career and has tried her best to hold her ground and integrity "by giving utmost respect to colleagues and peers" and expected the same in return. She ended her caption with a note of appreciation for family and friends who showed support. Her photographs of the notices sent to Waqar and Murtaza only featured the first page so it is unclear whether they have also been asked to tender apologies and pay damages.

Makeup artists Rhyan Thomas and Ikram Gohar had also posted detailed accounts of their experiences with Javed and named her in their posts. The legal notices shared on Javed's social media do not mention their names. More people have also spoken up against Javed, the most recent being makeup artist Wajid Khan, stylist Aarinda Tul Noor and model Mahnoor Sheikh who shared their experiences on Instagram a few hours before Javed shared the legal notices.

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