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Legal advice is the giving of a professional or formal opinion regarding the substance or procedure of the law in relation to a particular factual situation. The provision of legal advice will often involve analyzing a set of facts and advising a person to take a specific course of action based on the applicable law.

I have attested Degree of "Bachelor of Arts" Kindly can you guide me i can get Designation of " Computer Programmer" from SHAOUN if no which Designation i can get with "Bachelor of Arts" Degree.

Answer: No you can not get Computer Programmer profession since you have Bachelor of Arts degree, you can get profession according to your degree.

Please advise the formalities for transferring residence from Visa 22 to Visa 18. I want to know how much time it will take to transfer my residence to Visa 18 if I am presently working as Visa 22. Also, please advise the educational qualification as I need for transferring the same.

Name withheld

Answer: We begin by cautioning you that it is an offence under the law to work while you are on Visa 22 which is strictly a family and not a work visa. Note therefore, that both you and the company you are working for are breaking the law and will suffer the consequences if you are caught by any of the law enforcement agencies. With regard to formalities, the company representative, who will undertake the transfer processes on your behalf, knows what to do and the time frame within which this can be accomplished depends on how effective the Mandoub or company representative is. With regard to the educational qualification needed for transfer, all that we can say is that if you don’t hold a university degree, you need to have stayed in Kuwait for at least one year before you can transfer from Visa 22 to 18. If you are a graduate, however, you can effect the transfer at any point in time so far as you land a job

Source: Arab Times

What if i lost the Civil ID while on vacation or outside Kuwait?

Answer:As per the new rule in Kuwait with reference to Civil Id, Who do not have the residence sticker in the passport) and has lost the civil ID while in vacation / in travel the employee must contact the Embassy of Kuwait in that country and obtain a certificate which will state the details of the residency, so that he/she can return to Kuwait .
Upon reaching Kuwait the employee has to visit the PACI to apply for the new civil id immediately.



I bought my family (wife & 18 month-year-old baby) through visit visa to Kuwait. Please let me know, can I change visit visa to dependent without leaving country? If it possible, what are the documents need to prepare and where I can go to for this? Your earliest reply is really appreciable and helpful.

Name withheld

Answer: Under current regulations it is possible to change your family’s visit visa to dependent visa but we must add that it is not a guarantee that it must be done as the immigration department has the final say in making that determination. You need the same documents you used in applying for the visit visa when applying for a change of the visit visa to dependent visa. The processes of applying for the change are all done at the immigration department in your area.

Source: Arab Times

My Kuwait driving licence was issued in March 2009. The expiry mention in my licence in March 2019. In 2016 I moved to Dubai and now I have a valid UAE driving licence. Now my company wants me to move back to Kuwait. Can I renew my existing licence? If no, can I apply for new licence using my UAE licence, without reappearing any test? Can I drive in Kuwait using UAE licence during visa stamping time?


Name withheld

Answer: When you exitted Kuwait in 2016 after cancelling your residence permit, your driving licence also stood cancelled. You can therefore not renew something that you don’t have. Consequently, when you return to Kuwait, you can’t renew your cancelled Kuwaiti driving licence. Applying for a new driving licence in Kuwait on the basis of your UAE licence will depend on your nationality. So you have to check out to see if your country is one of the lucky ones whose citizens can exchange their driving licences with that of Kuwait. As to whether you can drive in Kuwait using your UAE driving licence while waiting for your visa to be stamped. We advise that you seek that information from the Kuwait Traffic Department

Source: Arab Times


I just want to ask regarding on how to transfer my family visa to working visa. I came here last October 2019 and already had inteviews in different companies here in Kuwait but they refuse to hire me because they told me that I need to stay here at least one year before I can work. I read some article that Visa 22 can be transferred to Visa 18 when you have a university degree and you don’t have to wait one year. Can you advise me what should I do regarding this matter or better kindly provide me a circular that Visa 22 can be transferred to Visa 18 so they would allow me to work in their company. I hope to hear from you soon.


Name withheld

Answer: We think that the companies are telling you in a polite way that they dont need your services because the rules that guide visa transfer states in black and white that when you are a university graduate and on Visa 22, you can transfer to Visa 18 at any point in time granting that you get a job. The one-year waiting period is meant for those who are not university graduates. As for providing you with a circular that states that Visa 22 can be transferred to Visa 18, we are sorry to say that we are not equipped with the authority to do that. The Directorate General of Residency Affairs of the Ministry of Interior will be the best place for you to ask for such a circular.

Source: Arab Times

I have got my licence for 2 years as an accountant; but now I have been promoted as Finance Manager and also changed the company. What should I do for renewal of my licence with new position in Izan Amal which is ‘Mudeer Mali’. Will there be any problem?

Name withheld

Answer: Finance manager means that apart from you most likely being an accountant yourself, you will have a number of accountants working under you. It will therefore be ridiculous to deny you a driving licence because of a mere change to position that is higher than your original accountant designation. In short, we don’t think you will face any problem with your driving licence and in case you do face, don’t hesitate to demand to see a more senior official at the Traffic Department to argue out your case.


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