I am working in a private company holding visa 18 … my monthly basic salary is KD 300+KD 120 allowance. My wife is also working in a private company holding visa category 18 and has a montly basic of KD 250+KD 50 allowance. My wife is pregnant and delivery will be done in Kuwait in December. Is it possible to get dependent visa for my child as my basic is KD 300. Will I get any consideration as my child is born in Kuwait?

Name withheld

Answer: To the best of our knowledge, the law on the issue states that in a situation where both the parents are working with valid resident permits, the salaries are of no importance when applying for a dependent visa for a baby born in Kuwait. Having said this, it is not uncommon for some clerks at the Immigration Department to insist on every applicant of dependent visa to meet the salary cap of KD 450 a month. If you find yourself in such a situation, you should demand to see a senior immigration officer and talk over the issue with him or her.

Source: Arab Times


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