I would like to inquire about the new and recent procedure for family visa for my baby born in India; she is 1 year 6 months now.

When she was born my husband’s salary was not KD 450, now in his new work permit he has KD 450 salary and I have KD 250 and we both are under article 18; many of my friends are confusing me that there are some new procedures added in ministry like birth certificate attestation and need to be more than KD 450 above etc, please clear my below details.

1. Procedure and documents needed

2. Documents to be attested

3. How long it takes time will take once apply

4. How much cost? Please note I brought her under visit visa 2 times for 3 months each under my name; now I need to apply for family visa under my husband.

Name withheld

Answer: KD 450 is the minimum monthly salary required to be able to sponsor your immediate family members on dependent visa. Forget therefore about what your friends are telling you and go ahead and apply for the visa for your baby at the Immigration Department in your area and attach the following documents to the application.

1. Copy of the child’s passport

2. Copy of the child’s birth certificate which must be attested by your country’s ministry of foreign affairs or your embassy in Kuwait and the Kuwait Foreign Ministry annex in Shuwaikh.

3. An affidavit attested by your embassy in Kuwait and the Kuwait Foreign Ministry showing your realtion with the person you wish to bring to Kuwait.

4. Marrage certificate attested as in 2 above.

5. Your work permit (showing a monthly salary of at least KD 450).

6. Copies of your and your wife’s civil IDs. If you can supply all these documents, your will have no difficulties in getting the visa for your child.

Source:Arab Times