My Wife residing in Kuwait for around 16 years with 4 kids born in Kuwait, I have “Iqrar Nama” of my marriage and attested with Kuwait foreign office which I have been using it for long time.

My wife worked for a school and she had transferred her sponsorship to School Name, now she left the job and wants to transfer back to my name, but when I went to immigration office they said to bring new marriage certificate, I went to embassy and they gave me another “Iqrar Nama” but immigration department did not accept that they said get your original “marriage certificate” attested.

Now when I went to embassy they said your original “nikkah Nama” should be attested from Pakistan foreign affairs. Can you please tell is this new law.


PIK is pleased to answer your question

Yes this is new law,

  1. Your old original “Nikkah Nama” or marriage certificate issued by Nikkah registrar in Pakistan with his signature and stamp.
  2. Based on that NADRA will issue computerized marriage certificate.
  3. Computerized marriage certificate should be attested from foreign affairs of Pakistan.
  4. Based on that Pakistan embassy in Kuwait will attest.
  5. Then Go foreign affairs of Kuwait take 5 KD stamp and get it attested.
  6. Then translate it and attest the translation from Ministry of Justice.

You are done.