Since December 2013, I have been a resident of Kuwait. Sir I have a query regarding my licence. In 2016 I obtained a driving licence on Engineer Visa.

Recently the profession changed to site supervisor thus my licence got blocked but I have reactivated it by submitting the relevant documents to Asmah Muroor. 
Now I have got an offer from another company in Kuwait in which the visa transfer from project visa to company quota is not possible so I have to cancel and come back on a new visa to Kuwait so I have 2 queries as below:
  1. Is it possible to rectivate my licence after coming on new visa with sales officer title with salary above KD650.
  2. If above is not possible, can I obtain new licence with Sales Officer title. For your information, my licence is expiring in November 2019. Please respond if possible. Hope to hear from you soon.

Name withheld

Answer: Unfortunately you cannot reactivate your driving licence because after cancelling your residence and exiting Kuwait your driving licence which is now tied to your residence will automatically be cancelled as well. However with a salary of KD650 a month and holding a university degree which we believe you possess, you can re-apply for a new driving licence irrespective of your designation as a sales officer.

source: Arab Times